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How to open a dry cleaner or cleaning of success

          I working for several years, with a view of this industry personnel, to open a dry cleaners to success is very simple, as long as you are required to do the following can basically get higher than social average wage level, a lot.
 It a: firstly, a good location
          Dry cleaning is a convenient service, with an average level of consumption of existing, or a few people have a car.Average person washing clothes is good because you will not turn a few streets or bus to visit your shop.Position is very important, so the general shop small can be selected at the shop gate or in the community, school, etc.And the big stores for wide radiating surface should choose in the transportation is convenient, traffic, parking location.Also decide a key factor is the location of personnel into purchasing, known as spending power, some high-grade village, or downtown, big school, these places to live more spending power, or it is not convenient his laundry.As the standard chosen location, estimate the size of this area, according to their own strength to do the budget of the investment, can even make the first step to open a shop.
Second: the second choose a good device
          Dry cleaning most of the work is to complete the dry cleaning equipment, and many people are at you get your laundry dry cleaning equipment.So a good device can help you to finish washing work perfectly, and both the advertising effect.Due to the characteristics of dry cleaning, dry cleaners are basically in summer months, the winter basic every day to work, especially when busy sometimes have to work 24 hours a day.So to dry cleaners have a stable performance requirements is very high, in addition, the dry cleaner (the general C2CL2) on the market for steel has strong corrosion ability, ordinary steel in the case of not protect, could eclipse the light two years, so equipment anticorrosion performance is another requirement.And XiJingDu questions, in the condition of new dry cleaning oil is basically difference is not big, but the difference is that three cage it later, not filter or filtering effect is not good, basically can not back in the wash, to distill the (more waste water and electricity ah).At this time there is a good filter can assure you that you can basically in 8 car wash clothes, but also can ensure the quality of washing.Is three clock: stability, corrosion resistance, XiJingDu and energy-saving sex now to think about if you bought a poor dry cleaners, washing for clothes to others is broken, can not wash clean, or three days two head out of the question, or water and electricity fee is great...Can imagine even if you have a good position is no outlet.
             Third: in the time is to have good technique
             Have a good location with good equipment, it can be said that success was 80%, but without good washing technology, it is all empty talk.I saw a woman in the office working on the shop, 100000 investment, equipment is fully enclosed 8 kg, excellent location, in 30, supermarket, opened a week to do activities, half a month income fifty percent to nearly twenty thousand.But the women do not understand technology, and there is no please go to the people to understand the washing technology, results in the first began in February every day someone to take his garment when found not clean, not hot good, still have laundry to compensate, the results of her business.Good technology give some examples here, people now enjoy a higher standard of living.Is adept fabrics are various, you you should know what the best way to wash fabric, such as some only dry cleaning, some can only be washed, clothing accessories, how to deal with button will wash solution or baked bad, etc. To say more, good technology includes good iron levels.Good clothes clean no hot, just like a beautiful girl did not face first, see people still do not feel well, hot effect more intuitive user feeling.So this technology refers to the whole process need to master some knowledge and skills, do not look too mysterious, experience more is actually no problem completely, completely do not understand, slowly groping a basic can take months.If I had a friend a couple of simple tips, take a few days, that is less words, but from the entrants to master is a process, is any training course may help you to achieve, not everything depends on yourself.