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In those years with laundry join years

        In those years with laundry join day.Three years ago, Mr. Shaw from one electronics factory departure for 6 years, returned to their hometown in fujian, intends to himself for buying and selling, anchored to a good life with his wife and children together, doing business for themselves have no experience, that what to do, the most important thing is their accumulated funds is not a lot, after all, work and make money is not very good, believe a lot of people have this feeling!

       Not many money at hand at the time, thinking about good is not easy to save money, want to find some reliable business, through friends know the cleaner.Laundry this line, was a lot of money upfront costs, but after pay, is the bottom line, is suitable for long-term operation.After Mr. Xiao know found, fujian street lane horns and laundry is not a lot, that is to say, laundry market still have very big development space, laundry, of course, inside there is a lot of improper operation, such as water when washing, these phenomena are many, it could not get on duty operation of the cleaner profits.But high-grade laundry, there are still lack of services, people is higher and higher quality of life, now believe is a good opportunity for laundry to join.And Mr. Xiao has innate advantages, and Mr Shaw house close to the village in high-grade, but Mr Shaw found around a few times, also is not the existence of laundry, so Mr. Xiao will begin to understand some laundry chain brand.

         Mr. Shaw of the joining chain is more laundry.For new entrants to the line of entrepreneurs, choose to join chain can not only use their brand awareness quickly open the market, the most important thing is that can reduce the investment risk, the success rate is also higher.Can also borrow its mature management model and operation method is used in laundry, little detours on the road at startup, stand to make money.Join the laundry, less $30000, need hundreds of thousands of others.Tens of thousands of yuan shop too humble, does not even have a decent equipment, talk about what kind of quality laundry, if is the laundry to join hundreds of thousands of yuan, also because the brand is very big, more decoration, store location requires a lot of, invest so much, when can return to this.We can choose investment in one hundred thousand yuan as a brand has certain well-knownness, more suitable for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

         In those years with laundry join day.Wants to be known in similar price, conditions, looked a laundry chain is worth to join in, it is important to see how laundry chain laundry equipment quality provided by the company.The present domestic very much laundry brand, can be said to be the good and bad are intermingled, some hang sheep head sell vinegar, have a plenty of looking for OEM, pure only do brand, laundry equipment is produced by others.What kind of equipment to be supplied by joining, performance how, have not rest assured, we should go to the laundry chain entities can more trust, so that power can be clear at a glance.And famous laundry brand after-sales service is more guaranteed.

         In those years with laundry join day.The concept of additional business chain is need certain method, a chain whether can succeed in the long, idea is very important.Basically see his brand image, to join in policy, training system, operation support system and management system is perfect.ENEJEAN is a nationally known laundry chain, to join the one-stop service, you still afraid of the investment?Success must have a method, failure there must be some reason.