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Laundry competition factor analysis

        Under the condition of perfect competition market, any new cleaner attempts to establish the advantage position in competition, must consider the market localization, store locations, brand, image, size, price, marketing, equipment, quality, technology, service, management, staff quality, and other factors, in the laundry today, the market has been relatively saturated, especially.The author of the above listed laundry competition factors one by one to make a analysis.

         A). Market positioning
         Market positioning is very important.Market positioning is the core of the target consumers of confirmation and locking.Will determine the target market of social phenomena, investment scale, choice of store locations, service price, laundry marketing have a decisive influence.The cleaner target market is usually divided into high-end, midrange and low-end market, the main basis of segmentation is the target consumer groups consumption ability and consumption potential groups.In general, laundry should choose in the three and positioning.It is thought that laundry consumption effective demand for rigid demand, every household has is to wash clothes, so the laundry can obscure, can give attention to both high school low-end market.But the cleaners into nature and marketing factors influence, the results of the fuzzy positioning will inevitably lead to attend, so the laundry should be clear and should not be obscure, real if I cannot get both fish and bear paw.Usually, in the transportation is convenient, residents and residents consumption ability, potential group, a large consumption of business circle, appropriate investment large high-grade laundry;Second, the appropriate investment mid-range laundry;Third, appropriate investment small laundry, but the grade shoulds not be too low.Only then, can achieve a balance between keeping competitive advantages and rationality of investment.

          2). The store address option
          The stand or fall of laundry store address is one of the important factors affecting the cleaner business success.Business circle store site selection should be carefully survey, detailed grasp of the proposed store business circle degree of convenient transportation, traffic, traffic, the number of residents and consumption ability, market competition degree, competition situation, such as data, to determine the investment scale as the basis.In general, the actual residents in more than 2000 households, more than the local average house prices, for the street back against the residential address is the first choice for high-grade laundry;Large supermarket as close to the market, is also the ideal laundry store address;If you have confidence in ourselves, the cleaner number and no rival business circle, should be your best choice, you have to do is how to sweep liuhe and unify the whole country;Prosperous business district is chosen as the laundry store address must be discreet, large investment, high costs, not convenient and other adverse conditions will lead to huge risks for your laundry investment.

            Image 3).
            Image is the consumer attention, stimulate consumption desire, to produce important media consumption action (3 s).The cleaner image is a visual identity system (VIS), hardware modernization degree, clean and tidy environment, staff quality, management, standardization degree of many factors such as the comprehensive embodiment.Usually, the laundry franchise companies have special attention to the cleaner image design and unified.Join the laundry in order to obtain a unified brand image, it is a shortcut to laundry investment.

            4). Scale equipment layout is reasonable
            The size of the depending on how much business circle size, equipment, rivals, scale and other factors.For consumers, large stores often means strength and credibility, so the big shop has the relative competitive advantage.But the laundry is not the bigger the better, too big easy generation in the economics of "scale economy" effect.Ideal size of laundry should have meet business needs, equipment layout is reasonable, relative to the largest, etc.In general, more than 6 meters wide, shop area of 50 square meters above the relatively ideal size of laundry.

             5). Price its service level
             Market positioning, customer consumption ability, competitive pricing, its service level, promotion and so on are all decision or factors that affect the price.Price is often the most direct, the most effective, the simplest and the most common means of competition, but also a blessing and a curse.Brand laundry should insist on your price strategy and tactics, unfavorable price DuiGongZhan with rivals, but in a group, the member consumption, holidays, off-season price should be flexible.When competitors struggling, can adopt more comprehensive price cut will defeat rivals.In general, brand laundry on the retail price is 50% higher than that of local average laundry prices 100%, through the membership discount, regular promotion methods such as the actual charge to beyond the local average of 20% to 50% of laundry price.It is important to note that the member discount had better not more than 7 fold

             6.) marketing
             Marketing 4 p variable "product, price, place, promotion" is a classical theory in marketing.For laundry, product, place, two variables is to determine the factors, the price have been doing in the above analysis, now do a little about promotion.Laundry promotion largely contain advertising direction, way and the density, promotion, promotion opportunity, etc.On advertising, the focus should be put in the laundry business circle, the radiation transfer mainly adopts propaganda way, including leaflets, propaganda banners, signs, public welfare propaganda, stores, etc., which mainly introduces the superiority and characteristics of our store propaganda, television and newspapers can be appropriate in a particular time, on the density may consider opening, seasonal factors, such as the purpose of advertising is to improve recognition in specific business circle;Promotion methods in addition to price, also include the means such as quality, service.

              Seven). Equipment material basis
              Equipment is the material basis for the laundry service and quality, is an important part of the cleaner image.The choose and buy laundry equipment should be everything from set out actually, not the more expensive the better, the more the better, the more advanced, the better.Order equipment should be fully considered cost-effective equipment situation, investment ability, competition and other factors.

               Eight). The quality and technology
               Quality is the guarantee for the sustainable development of laundry, technical ability is the precondition of laundry quality, the importance of the course.New laundry because of a lack of technology often leads to difficult to guarantee quality, form the big obstacle on the competition.In the laundry technology training, my company can provide customers a full range of training services system.In December 2006 by my company and the Shanghai association founded new-developped Shanghai green ring wash wash co., LTD., the training center was formally established, become the most authoritative, the most professional, the current domestic scale is biggest, one of the most powerful wash training institutions to teachers.

               9) service
               Laundry service should be around on the depth and breadth of services.Laundry service should meet the functional requirements and the rational needs of customers, the current consumption psychology are increasingly inclined to psychological experience, and the physical function of service attributes is weakened, thus deepening the laundry service should focus on meet the psychological needs of customers, a high-end positioning, clean environment, polite language, enthusiastic attitude often gives customers pleasant psychological experience, and customers to give in return is loyalty to the height of the laundry chain.Broaden the laundry service is also of great articles to do, in addition to the conventional dry cleaning, washing, leather maintenance business, automotive leather maintenance of household, cleaning sneakers shoes, home office carpet cleaning, clothing dyeing and darning even self-help shoeshine service projects, etc can be incorporated into the cleaner business scope.Some laundry also engages in air conditioning cleaning business, water business, the business because of lack of correlation with the main business, therefore, should not be advocated.

               Efficiency from management, management of competitiveness, the same is true of laundry industry.The cleaners are small, but the management difficulty is very high, including the daily management, quality management, production management, equipment management, financial management, statistics management, crisis management, personnel management, and other content, being limited by the length, in this paper, the inconvenience, after specially discussed.