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The dry cleaning industry several big misunderstanding

           New-developped why in trade services, wash consumer dispute is more outstanding, and difficult to mediate, I am afraid I can not entirely blame wash to enterprise itself.Because a lot of quality problems, all is not neglect or mismanagement, improper cleaning or service, but there are a variety of reasons lead to consumer dispute, is also very complicated.New-developped face wash consumer issues of confusion, worry, and helpless.New-developped new-developped due to wash clothing processing variety, wash the quality problem of the complexity of the performance, the cause of the accident and the responsibility for the quality of diversity, consumers new-developped to wash consumption exist some misunderstanding and understanding, resulting in dealing with disputes conciliation of hardships.Now circulating inside and outside employment of dry cleaning industry and consumption of wash a few misunderstanding, talk about something
           Myth 1: "laundry out of the problem is the responsibility of the laundry."Laundry quality textile fabrics and clothing production, the actual wearing, and many other factors, many problems only after washing is invisible, coupled with the washing label to mislead and appear problem, in this link laundering exposed, if the stick played in the cleaner ass is not fair, more make unwarranted claims operators.
           Myth 2: "laundry should be the same as when just bought back."Laundry is impossible. Every time after washing color a little back, slightly a little old, it is also a natural phenomenon, can not go with the new, of course, if obviously fade after wash it would be wrong.
           Myth 3: "what stains can be removed."In fact some obstinate stains won not go off, especially treated at home by myself and not remove to the cleaner it will be more difficult to deal with, "some obstinate stains off is normal."But should try to remove, and does not produce new damage due to the improper to stains.
           Myth 4: "no matter what kind of clothing, laundry company (shop) should be washed well."Some even blame "wash is bad also to open what dry cleaners!"This word wrong.Laundry as a doctor, can cure, can cure is bad, with the doctor technical level there are differences, but more important is to see the patient condition, laundry in the clothes should be responsible to tell the customer, should wash or fine washing and after washing effect, if not meet the requirements of customer expectations may politely refused.
           Myth 5: "dry cleaning is better than water."Some laundry customers will often ask "dry cleaning" even complain "why do not you give me dry cleaning?"Dry cleaning water to wash each have dry autumn, actually is to use two different medium cleaning washing way, does not mean that dry cleaning must be better than water.Some material (such as artificial leather) cannot dry cleaning, what way of washing, level of experience, the shop assistant is based on the fabric material and washing label carefully screened.
           Myth 6: "oil dry cleaning more environmental protection than tetrachloroethylene."Is not comprehensive, is currently the main laundry market dry cleaning solvent tetrachloroethylene with oil, its function is different, have distinguishing feature each, to see the garment quality and choice, both washing basically who does not exist the problem of environmental protection, more than who all use the fifth generation of fully enclosed secondary recycling dry cleaners, conform to the requirements of the environmental health, if use open dry cleaning equipment is not environmental protection, not to mention the green laundry.
           Myth 7: "laundry is very simple, everyone."This is some dry cleaner franchising business owner or individual shop operators of misunderstanding.Someone has accumulated a little money, think to open the cleaner simple, small risk, some couples find shop, buy a washing machine, add an ironing table is opened laundries, think "laundry is simple, everyone."Do not culture, no training, what all do not know what can do, this is very one-sided.