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The washing machine technique of choose and buy

        The washing machine technique of choose and buy
        Washing machine is divided into pulsator and drum, in fact, both different, different users can choose according to different requirements.
        The current domestic market of two cylinder washing machine is made up of a washing cylinder and a take off the tank, washing, dehydration can be separately, but when the laundry, water, drainage have done manually, this kind of washing machine XiJingDu high, small power consumption, washing and dehydration time can be arbitrary choice, washing time can be arbitrarily chosen from 0 to 15 minutes, dehydration time can generally choose between from 0 to 5 minutes, dehydration is over, a buzzer hint, water washing and have a second or third choice, wide scope of washing. The washing machine shell generally has two kinds: the ordinary steel plate coating or aluminum alloy shell, elegant to coating steel plate, aluminum alloy shell never rust. From the washing capacity is 2-6 kg range, large capacity suitable to wash the sheets, blankets, such as big, double cylinder washing machine with low price, simple structure, convenient operation, light weight, easy to carry, etc
Matters needing attention when buying
        1. The first thing to pick some old brand, good quality and reputation of the brand, because these brand products are approved by the relevant  state technical monitoring, safety performance is good, clean, dehydration rate, wear rate, noise, etc. Meet the national standards
        2. When buying, opened the package, observe the washing machine shell surface had scratch, scratch, operation panel whether level off, the plastic parts with and without buckling deformation, crack, knob, switch is installed in place, whether the dewatering plate rotating flexible, dolly tub, there are no parts fall off in the bucket
        3. Turn the laundry knob, presence of jam phenomenon, whether return to zero, then turn on the juice and open the laundry knob, see running whether normally, there are no sound, open the dehydration knob, whether running smoothly, sound, vibration without exception, dewatering plate, and whether the brake quickly and smoothly, dehydrated over whether buzzer
        4. Drain, the power cord is in good condition, whether the installation is firm, to see if attachment is complete
Fully automatic washing machine:
        Full-automatic washing machine from the structure points have pulsator, agitator, drum, at present, the domestic market sales are mostly pulsator and drum. Fully automatic washing machine is washing, dehydration, and can automatically complete the whole process of laundry washing machine, really did it work, you have a rest. A fully automatic washing machines have a variety of washing procedure, you can freely choose, working time can be adjusted (0 to 16 minutes washing, dehydration 0 to 5 minutes) working state and wash, have time off in the panel show, can automatic processing dehydrated imbalance (with all sorts of failure and high and low voltage automatic protection functions), work over power or power failure automatically, without supervision, to ensure safety. It also has soaked, wash water function. At present, some of the full-automatic washing machine is also using the fuzzy technique, namely the washer can provide the information of logical reasoning of sensor, automatic discriminant clothes quality, weight, smudgy degree, so as to automatically select the best washing time, into the water, rinse times and dehydration time, and display the amount of detergent, achieve the automatic washing time, easy to use, energy conservation and water saving. Pulsator full-automatic washing machine is characteristic of wash rate is high, but the clothes wear a lot of, as people living standard continuously improving. Silk, wool, wool and other marched into ordinary families, vendors and timely launch of the platen washing machine, its biggest advantage is that the wear rate is small, but clean rate is lower than pulsator
        Matters needing attention when buying
       1. The shell with and without scratches, bruises, with or without plastic buckling deformation .
       2. Turn on the juice and open the power switch, according to the directions shown in the program run the performance test run, whether running smoothly, dehydration is knocking, have sound vibration without exception.
       3. Drain, whether the power cord installation is firm, good condition, attachment is complete .