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ENEJEAN dry cleaners equipment maintenance secrets


          ENEJEAN dry-cleaning equipment maintenance secrets, dry cleaners equipment maintenance of secrets.The technology content of modern dry cleaners equipment is very good, smart and high intensity of raw materials for dry cleaners and other dry cleaning device has the characteristics of the firm in the soft, so dry cleaners use is not strong, also can cause dry cleaners and short-lived phenomenon in a dry cleaning equipment, so it is important to ensure that when using dry cleaning equipment dry cleaners equipment within the normal range.

          ENEJEAN dry cleaners equipment maintenance tips:
          First, avoid overworked, careful to prevent dry cleaners karoshi!
          Overworking people get karoshi, and machine overload will karoshi, like electrical overload use is made by blow a fuse.The reason is very simple, however, many people tend to do.One is to the dry cleaner business, helping;Second, sometimes just do not consider the carrying capacity of the machine, always thought machine capacity is unlimited.So, this proposed is to cause the attention of dry cleaners operators, dry cleaning machine also has a upper limit of labor, overloaded inevitably cause a series of adverse reactions.
           Second, using the correct washing method, reduce the error of damage.
           Incorrect laundry operation method can lead to dry cleaners shortened lifespan.The door of the dry cleaners, for example, if you do not handle with care on light off, once two times no problem, ten times, one hundred times no problem, do not represent no same problem after one thousand times, ten thousand times.A lot of problems are to be found in certain time interval.Dry cleaners in the dry cleaners to switch a few times every day, one hundred days thousands of times, tens of thousands of times a year, so the operation of the bad habits tend to let you of the dry cleaners produce unexpected results
           Third, put equipment for light and light, to avoid possible violent vibration.
           Went to the laundry to dry cleaners or other dry cleaning equipment become chairmen, even when we move to the long-distance transportation, also be a bit of a stuttering problem.Dry cleaners of the shell is stainless steel shell, looks very strong, but the heart is very weak, especially a lot of electronic circuit and chip, after vibration can cause some internal physical damage.So, in the mobile equipment and the transportation of time attention should be paid to do a good job of the protection, so as not to cause the service life of equipment failure and reduce equipment.

            ENEJEAN dry cleaners to join in for dry cleaning equipment maintenance has certain secret, in a word, equipment used, there is a life and how to protect our dry cleaning equipment, also as one of the joining trader should be concerned about the most important question, after all, the dry cleaning equipment is very important, is the key part of once the equipment out for, need to spend a lot of money into the maintenance and repair, ENEJEAN realize three years warranty service, so do not worry about the machine.