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ENEJEAN dry cleaners Small business welcome


         Here we say ENEJEAN dry cleaners, not the name of a dry cleaner, but guangzhou ENEJEAN dry cleaner franchising headquarters. Is the floorboard of the 2000 dry cleaner franchise store, across the country, especially in southern China was deeply loved by consumers and praise.
         Consumers have to join ENEJEAN dry cleaner to wash the clothes, because consumers in ENEJEAN dry cleaner to wash clothes. Division to net dry cleaning, laundry technology and experience, has introduced the advanced concept for healthy and harmonious. Draw lessons from the cleaner advanced management experience, combined with the domestic market rules, create a modern transparent laundry mode. The cleaner reasonable use front shop, back factory management ideas, unique style of the cleaner operation and management, effectively improve the operating efficiency of the laundry and development direction. ENEJEAN brand positioning is given priority to with Finland green hue, its bright and luxuriant and exciting color, has the enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, young fashion at the same time, give a person the feeling of warmth and harmony health, the mass-tone attune of the equipment for Finland green, on behalf of the company products is given priority to with the sunlight green, represents the youthful vitality thriving ENEJEAN.
          ENEJEAN dry cleaners from clothes to the laundry, ironing, to the final packaging, has a strict requirements, concept of green healthy environmental protection laundry, let consumers to wear comfortable, wash clean. So, in southern China, ENEJEAN dry cleaners are favored by consumers. At present, during the dry season, ENEJEAN dry cleaner is a thriving, customer an endless stream, forming a thriving scene.
          ENEJEAN dry cleaners to join since founded, many franchisees to join in. When they choose the ENEJEAN dry cleaners, a because          ENEJEAN dry cleaners to change. Why ENEJEAN can lead many franchisees gone to get rich, to glory? Based mainly on the following:
          A, advanced management mode: ENEJEAN relies on many years of management experience and advanced management standards established a relatively perfect management system, training system, operation support system and scale management system, to serve as the center, and comply with the standardization of the brand management, through the customer investment, preparation, opening ceremony, the normal operation of each stage, let the customer completely eliminate the trouble back at home, for every excellent talents to lay the international section of the synchronous top business platform in the future.
         Original ENEJEAN washing technology: ENEJEAN relying on years of experience in the laundry, original healthy ENEJEAN washing technology, make after washing clothes cleaner, more smooth, more bright-coloured, cost of each piece of clothing was 0. 2 ~ 1 yuan, accept clothes price a few dollars to several dozens yuan, are very profitable.
         Three, second to none profit pattern: ENEJEAN higher customer orientation and outstanding service quality, efforts to pursue to provide customers with excellent quality and reasonable price of first-class service, laundry price moderate, customer satisfaction, so a new store opening, business is especially good. 
         Love is more than three, ENEJEAN dry cleaners is consumer. ENEJEAN in order to make the country more and more people enjoy ENEJEAN dry cleaning service, stepping up efforts to carry out the dry cleaning alliance enterprise. Here, sincerely national ENEJEAN dry cleaners franchisees, let ENEJEAN construction dry cleaners in China market together with you, meet the needs of dry cleaning market consumers.