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How much does it cost to open a dry cleaners?


         How much does it cost to open a dry cleaners? Due to the difference of individual investment bear ability, the cost of open a dry cleaners in personally, had a significant difference. Carried out in accordance with the current market price analysis, the funds required for the open a dry cleaners in 80000 yuan of above, at least if more luxury decoration, the investment cost is relatively higher. So how much does it cost to open a dry cleaners?

         Dry cleaners are divided into small shops, medium-sized shops, large stores, flagship store four types, because of the flagship store of the investment amount is higher, the risk is much higher than other types of investments, higher requirements to the personal comprehensive ability, so most investors are more inclined to the first three types of investment, the dry cleaning industry is relatively lack of investors, is also a more reliable way of investment.

         In addition, due to the different operation mode, investment costs also can differ somewhat. If it is to join dry cleaners brand, from the largest Angle to save the investment cost, because most joined the headquarters will provide free dry cleaning technology training, advertising, equipment maintenance and other services, and these, are the lack of autonomous management. So suggest joining brand dry cleaning.
         How much does it cost to open a dry cleaners? According to the net laundry resistance to join investment consultant, if it is to join the clean laundry resistance small store, so the lowest only more than 30000 yuan. Configuration of the automatic variable frequency oil dry cleaners, automatic dryers, automatic suction ironing machine, automatic electric generator, electric iron, etc. If the calculation on rent, utilities, washing supplies, etc. , in general is expected to more than 80000 yuan. Rent for a small shop covers an area of about 20 square meters, about 25000 yuan/year, other expenses, you have more than 20000 yuan a year.

         If is a large store to join, then the minimum need to invest more than 230000 yuan. Configuration of the automatic closed tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, vertical frequency elution dual-use machine, automatic frequency conversion oil dry cleaners, automatic suction ironing table, clothing such as conveyors and other 13 kinds of dry cleaning equipment. Also, according to the calculation mode of small shops, large shop area, decorate luxurious degree, minimum also need 350000 yuan. Due to the general in the large store covers an area of 100 square meters above, higher rent (varies) difference due to the geographical location, is in commonly 120000 yuan, in addition also need to hire at least 3 employees, should be at least 80000 yuan/year, as for the electricity and water, washing supplies, decorate and modernize, minimum need about 100000 yuan.

         If it is a medium-sized dry cleaners, and so on, the lowest 120000 yuan.

         How much does it cost to open a dry cleaners? Dry cleaning, of course, the brand is different, also can cause certain influence to the investment cost of high and low. Worth to remind is, not all of the dry cleaning brand is trustworthy, dry cleaning investors in the process of selection, care must be taken to select high-profile, good dry cleaning brand best and word of mouth. And, when choosing investment type, should start from the actual situation, choose the most suitable for their own brand dry cleaning.