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How do you wash dry cleaning franchise store suit suit


       Do not have to wear a dress suggested more than two days.High quality suits are mostly use natural fibers such as wool, silk, cashmere as raw material, this kind of suit after being worn, because some tension and deformation, but make it appropriate to rest, can recover, so, should prepare two or three sets for wear.To remove items in the pocket returned home, immediately change clothes, take out the items in the pocket.Such as the hanging pocket full of things, clothes are very easy to be out of shape.
       Dry cleaning franchise store should be used after washing a suit hangers hanging
       Hang a suit is the best wood or plastic handle wide circular suit special hangers, this rack is made into more suit hangers.Pants hanging joint suit hangers are available, and can also be used with clip trousers for special hangers, align the creases, grip the leg, and hangs up.

       Suit the internal structure is made of fiber sewing machine, shall not apply to the washing machine wash, will combine internal parts of the fiber line accessories, tensile fabric from the fabric yarn, deformation and broken.

       As with the improvement of living standards, each have two or three suits, so we will wear clothes hang up 23 days, will gradually disappear.
And let is before going to bed every day, use clothes hangers to hang up will also reduce the deformation rate of the garment appearance.

       Clean clothes clothes clean period best 34 months time, effect is good, no damage, with the fabric if cleaned frequently also is not very good, if the clothes wear time is very short, appearance and do not have a lot of dust, dust can be washed after scald gently with wet, dust will wash with adhesive on the towel.A suit is unfavorable have wear for too long, will suit to wear by some mechanical deformation, through after a period of time should be take out the bag items, make the fabric restore rehabilitation.Should be used soft brush to remove the adsorption of dust on the clothing, bao bao ze.

       Suit wash very fastidious, the first is not often wash, need to wash together is bound to high water dry cleaning.

       Should be put inside the closet, when saving pockets in the pest control agent, set of cover bag, and are often able to ventilation, together should be put in lower local temperature.

       Dust pollution is the biggest enemy, suit will lose and pure and fresh feeling, make a suit for commonly used a brush to brush the dust quietly, sometimes a suit with other fibers or less easy to remove dust, can adsorption with adhesive tape paper, the effect is very good.Simple suits except knit wear or time passes put a suit in the wardrobe, a slight humidity hung in the local, is advantageous to the clothing fibers recover fatigue, but the effect of humidity will affect the suit to finalize the design, general wool suit in the relative humidity is 35% - 40% of the environment to place one night, can remove clothes wrinkles.