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The hotel dry cleaners The hotel laundry equipment

           The hotel laundry equipment After graduation has been to find their own way, time flies, I also did a lot of things, in a few job.Operating laundry this idea is at the end of the euro began to sprout, middle or some poignant, parents tired, think, a college graduate to wash clothes, is not to give them a long face, obviously parents do not know the laundry can also become a fashion, but their ideas were not turn around, I want to open the normal dry cleaners, rather than a cottage.
           To generate ideas run dry cleaner is a coincidence, a trip to visit hubei university dormitory brothers, when ready to go out, he sent a few pieces of clothes, by the way to the gate of dry cleaners, desk surrounded with several people, stores are clothes hanger.I freely said a sentence: "business is really good ah, brother to sentence:" you do not work now, go back also can consider to open a dry cleaners, ha ha ".Move my heart, when I go out specially to inscribe: phone ENEJEAN dry cleaning, hotline.
            Hotel laundry equipment, while parents do not support, have their own ideas, is better than unemployment at home, do the ideological work of them, I would have started to prepare.I search on the Internet a lot of open a dry cleaners information, interlaced, such as the hills, really good trouble to operate, many do not understand, I think they cannot, should take the initiative to attack, I dialed record from hubei ENEJEAN dry-clean 400 telephone, greeted me ENEJEAN dry cleaning of a customer service, because very enthusiasm and patience, I am very impressed.First of all I learned now join in guangzhou ENEJEAN dry cleaning is gold from jiamingfei rights and interests, also produces its own equipment, after-sale system is very perfect, this for a little product of neets, storage is reduced a lot of pressure, and then I learned to join in a dry cleaner appearance is quite important, in order to safe, I decided to invest a small shop try (want to invest in bigger and more and not enough money), she understand my situation, a resettlement residential area, filled with 1000 households, not peer competition, regional consumption ability is also very good, believe me even though just a villages and towns, but also is of great dry cleaning market, and teach me how to correct location, considering I am a startup, recommend a set of the most economic and practical investment plan.Including management at the back of the contact, typical successful cases analysis, product promotion means of brand in the local professors all with me.
             Investment need to be careful, linger for a month time, ideal into reality, guangzhou ENEJEAN dry cleaners in weining.Pay total have return, what business is really not easy, since chose to adhere to, I go my way, no matter what others say, at least I am enjoying, enjoying the success and joy of the way.Whether to send the clothes, inquiry, bargain, know, or even to find fault, I always greeted with a grin, careful answer.Have headquarters professional laundry technical training and service way of business, I slowly accumulated a number of stable customers, parents often need to come and give me help, somebody else gold theater at night, a busy washing in the store we deal with the guest clothes.
             Ha ha, other are not much said, write this article is mainly to commemorate my business life first bucket of gold, at the same time also to the pioneering and are friends share some experience, hope to help friends.Man struggles upwards; water flows downwards, with a certain amount of savings, the next step to prepare my ENEJEAN dry cleaners to open to the county seat, open to the city.