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Dry cleaners and energy saving method

            Dry cleaners energy-saving methods: increasingly along with the material life and spiritual life is enough, at this stage is people pursuit of green, environmental protection, healthy lifestyle, and this concept has penetrated into every aspect of production and life.Laundry service like this, one of the most obvious embodiment is to dry cleaners technical requirements, green, environmental protection and energy saving.So what are dry cleaners energy-saving method?
            High quality dry cleaners at this stage in the design, should be able to maximize reduce pollution to the environment, has the very high dose rate and stability, more energy conservation and environmental protection.Joining chain, such as the clean laundry resistance K series automatic totally enclosed tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, using the best quality three cylinder double filter structure, laundry double filtering, more economy to use;Adopt efficient recycling equipment, advanced and unique strong refrigeration recycling system, recycle cooling effect is improved significantly, solvent recovery more thoroughly, more economical, more environmentally friendly.
            It can be said that the future of the dry cleaning industry, is bound to be green, environmental protection, energy saving dry cleaners, because it not only conforms to the natural law of development, is the current trend of manufacturing, is the key of the contradiction between human and nature harmony.High pollution of dry cleaners is gradually phase out, therefore, suggest that dry cleaners investors buying energy-efficient dry cleaners.
            Dry cleaners energy-saving methods:
 1, the discharge source brake (damper) : according to maintenance program to check, such as the need to adjust the brake of the connecting rod density.
 2, gas leakage: check dirt bag door, loading of dry cleaning filter barrels of oil seal, main shaft seal air air conditioning cooling and air regenerator cover plates, inspection cover, etc., using the light above the small fire inspection of each place, also must let the fan run out to a place for purging leakage, the color of the rotor will change the greening, burning and at the same time produce black smoke.
 3, liquid leakage: the diarrhea can obviously exposed to pipeline leakage, and render the coffee on the body fat of substances, if can keep the machine clean can be immediately found the problem, if the machine is not clean then rush leakage is not easy to find.
 4, distillation tank sludge: distillation groove of silt, jorge steam may cause enough consume a large amount of dry cleaning oil.
 5, and insufficient capacity: about the same weight of strong dry cleaning oil, by the gate input laundry grooves, no matter how much of the tank washing clothes, such as Gao installed a device that can consume a lot of dry cleaning oil, but the principle is to avoid load is insufficient.
 6, not standard of drying way: no standard way of dry cleaning caused a lot of steam and energy waste.
 7, not clean oil water separator: working in the separator of sediment can cause oil with extra spills out of the water, keep clean separator according to the maintenance instructions.So buying such advanced dry cleaners, need how many money?
            Dry cleaners capacity is generally divided into 8 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, including large capacity is for hospital, hotel, capacity is much smaller dry cleaners use.Dry cleaners is generally divided into two kinds of oil dry cleaners and tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, each have advantages and characteristics.Investors in the process of choose and buy, need according to their own investment type and decide, if is small, dry cleaners, the general configuration of dry cleaning equipment capacity is small, mostly oil dry cleaners;Large stores, on the other hand, the general configuration of the dry cleaners to advanced technology, superior quality, more is a large number of tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners.
            Due to the dry cleaners manufacturer is different, so the price will be different.In this things to remind investors in the process of choose and buy, must not covet is cheap, be sure to remember that no profitable businesses, if is very low prices, dry cleaners, so in terms of quality must be flawed.To this end, for investors to know energy saving dry cleaners price, can the current market price estimation.
            ENEJEAN join chain as the domestic well-known brand dry cleaning dry cleaners, whether in the brand strength, technology, etc., or dry cleaners are representative, has certain market and dry cleaners price has a certain reference.Among the K series full automatic frequency conversion oil dry cleaners, 8 kg of about 20000 yuan, more than 12 kilograms (about 30000 yuan, 20 kilos of more than 40000 yuan, fully automatic tetrachloroethylene, 8 kg more than 60000 yuan, 10 kilograms more than 80000 yuan, 12 kilograms more than 100000 yuan, 15 kg of more than 130000 yuan.
           More than just simple introduced the energy-saving advantages and characteristics of dry cleaners, and energy conservation, the method of dry cleaners dry cleaning if investors want to know more information, can contact the ENEJEAN washing professional investment consulting.