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Laundry equipment safe operation instructions

        Although domestic washing machinery and equipment over international brand has a certain gap, but as long as proper maintenance, the vast majority of laundry equipment to be able to run smoothly, usually won not appear frequently repair, safety accident risk is minimal.
        Recently, however, when the laundry equipment in the use of short circuit, fire, and even appeared in the process of explosion of individual cases.According to the related brand after-sales service department of laundry franchisees found that this case is the cause of the accident: dry cleaners distiller is out of control in the aftermath of the contactor adhesions and continuous heating, causing thermal oil heating distilling the heat conduction oil overheating, plus use inferior heat conduction oil, just meet with wire and terminal short-circuit spark, will cause fire accident;A dry cleaners, meanwhile, the electrical failure, caused the distiller and steam heating type electric heating steam generator.
       Ten famous domestic laundry franchising brands, resistance to net special remind, laundry operators when using equipment, special attention should be paid to the following questions:
       1. After purchasing laundry equipment, during the installation process, must be in strict accordance with the manufacturers to provide product manuals for installation, ensure that power grounding.At the same time, the laundry equipment grounding bolt must be copper bolts, and conductive performance is better with the whole machine, ground application not rusty aluminum plate, copper or galvanized sheet, the grounding end embedded deep in the soil, in case of machine leakage caused by electric shock accidents.
       2. In the process of equipment operation, especially when the distillation, observe the thermostat, pressure controller is working correctly, the need to prevent by contactor adhesions, control device failure cause fire and explosion accidents.Regular professional electrician check the electric heating tube, motors and other electrical components of the insulation resistance value is within the scope of security.
       3. The laundry equipment in if there is a stopover during the operation of a power outage, shall, in accordance with requirements of the specification, to prevent improper operation and cause the safety accidents such as burns.
       4. Regularly to observe all kinds of electric parts, motor, heating tube of terminals and wire connection whether ageing, if appear aging should be replaced in a timely manner, so as not to cause electrical wiring short circuit, spark and cause electric shock and fire accidents.
       5. The insulation of the wire protection pipe should choose special protection pipe.Some washing machinery equipment manufacturers of protecting tube, a long time can cause wear and the dew line and cause short circuit.Therefore, should pay special attention to observe, to prevent the protection pipe wear.Once appear such circumstance, it is better to ask professional electrician will the replacement for the specification of insulation pipe, and the power cable protection pipe strapping, avoid friction and mechanical parts.
       6. The laundry inside still should notice ventilated breathe freely, avoid light line leakage caused by the excessive moisture.
       7. End of laundry equipment work, need to shut down equipment total power, avoid caused by electromagnetic interference or control system fault equipment misoperation.
       8. Laundry equipment operation personnel in the operation of the equipment, the most like operating machine tools, standing on the rubber and woodiness pedal operation.
       9. In the power line access end of washing machinery equipment, installed leakage protection switch to specification, to prevent the accident caused by leakage.
      10. The laundry operators also need to often check the power cord in the laundry, avoid the power cord aging, nudity, and so on and so forth.Best professional electrical specifications circuit connection and lead, in case for light aging circuit, short circuit and accidents such as fire.