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Oil laundry equipment and tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment

       A laundry room, it is to purchase oil laundry equipment or tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment appropriate?What kind of laundry equipment would be more efficient, economical, and can create a more lucrative laundry profit?Oil laundry equipment and tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment each have advantages and disadvantages?ENEJEAN laundry franchising business experts detailed analysis is as follows:
       1. From the perspective of the structure and working principle of laundry equipment
       1) oil laundry equipment is acquitted one dual-use machine, no drying function, must be a dryer together using additional configuration.And tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment is clear the three with the dryer, a machine available to complete the elution baked all operations.
       2) two kinds of washing machine adopts different laundry detergent.Oil laundry equipment using paraffin oil as laundry detergent, and paraffin oil dry lotion itself green pollution-free;Tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment USES is tetrachloroethylene dry lotion, this is a kind of toxic chemical solvent, the environmental pollution to a certain extent, the residue of epicuticular human body has certain harm.Now the laundry room through the adoption of tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment is fully enclosed, sealed performance is good, makes the tetrachloroethylene dry lotion outside is not easy to leak, can reduce pollution of the environment and water.But if the semi-closed tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment, it is difficult to guarantee the discharging standard of environmental protection free from contamination.
       3) different recycling principle of two kinds of dry cleaning equipment.Oil laundry equipment filter is adopted to improve the recovery;The tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment with the method of distillation recycling.
       4) compared with closed automatic tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment, laundry equipment selling prices are much cheaper.
       2. From the cost of washing methods, washing laundry equipment and washing effect
       1) the washing method
       Laundry laundry equipment before washing clothes, using oil need pretreatment on clothing.Carefully checked first, remove the neckline, cuffs and bottom parts of the various and oil stain, take some trouble to handle.And if the tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment clean clothes, you do not have to take the lead in preprocessing, clothing washing up relatively far more convenient.
       2) the washing cost
       Using oil laundry equipment clean clothes, washing cost is relatively high, general washing a suit of cost at about 1.5 yuan;Using closed automatic tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment, a suit of washing cost within 1 yuan.
       3) the washing effect
       Laundry room adopts fully automatic tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment clean clothes, its XiJingDu are about three times of oil laundry equipment.Therefore, fully enclosed automatic tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment laundry laundry equipment is much higher than oil efficiency, provides the high quality is the laundry laundry service must be configured washing equipment.
       4) washing solvent
       Using oil laundry equipment clean clothes, has an irreplaceable advantage.This is because oil detergent laundry equipment used in oil, from the original oil inside of a washing solvent, in the process of washing of clothing fabric almost no damage, can wash leather, leather bags, mink and other high-end clothing;Tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment chemical synthetic chemical solvent is used as the detergent, decontamination ability stronger than oil dry cleaners, but cannot be used for cleaning fur, high-end apparel fabrics such as silk class, otherwise, appear easily wash quality disputes and even cause an accident.
       Therefore, open a laundry laundry equipment is to configure the oil well, tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment or configuration is better, self-evident, laundry franchisees should be according to their investment capacity and to determine the business situation.If investment bounteous, only once, it is best to two devices configuration at the same time, in order to make sure that your laundry opened can smoothly carry out business, and continue to create a steady stream of laundry profit steadily.