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Washing equipment appears to be very clean, actually very dirty!

       "Looking at pretty clean washing equipment, hiding dirt all ah. "Mr Laundry investors Luan see the laundry washing equipment hidden smudgy was surprised. 26, ENEJEAN specially came to Mr Luan laundry laundry washing equipment. According to the special ENEJEAN laundry, some laundry washing equipment surface is clean, easy to ignore the internal cleaning problem.
Mr Luan told ENEJEAN technology designed laundry room, the laundry washing equipment has been used in recent five years, because comparison pay attention to health, every time washing clothes to drum washing machines use detergent washing, never thought to separate cleaning washing equipment.
        Special laundry see, Mr Luan laundry roller washing device inside the cylinder surface looks really no dirt. ENEJEAN designed laundry back off inlet valve to ShuiGuanChu rinse before, you can see is stained with light yellow residue water valve. ENEJEAN laundry and then remove the distributor, small make up to see, also on the distributor with many green residue. "But dirt are hidden!"Mr Luan still surprised. ENEJEAN laundry, says these residue is usually use more complaisant agent, washing powder and other residue, cleaning washing equipment within the cylinder is not only to clear these stains. ENEJEAN designed laundry detergent in a dolly tub, rinse for about 5 minutes, charged Mr Luan soak 6 hours after it dropped the water again.
        Investors in guo laundry room, her laundry washing equipment is also a similar situation. Teachers with a white towel to laundry between cylinder and the outer wall crack is easy to wipe a few times, is a layer of ash stained with the dark. Take off the water valve is stuffed with dirty things. Ms guo told small make up, laundry, washing drum equipment used for nearly eight years, because they do not often use at ordinary times, after use will also pay attention to the inner barrel is simple a wash. "Looking at pretty clean, which think of crack is so much ash! And I do not know how much washing clothes with a washing equipment ash!"
        Why do washing equipment shelter evil people and practices? Small make up consultation with relevant special laundry, it turns out that most of the clothes dirt is composed of viscous material such as dander, grease, the dirt will be in the process of washing deposit, with most of them will be washing the water out, and a small number of adsorption on the surface of washing equipment, plus washing equipment in the very humid, the dirt became a hotbed of bacteria. Washing equipment after use, therefore, the need for ventilation, clean with detergent soak and at least every three months, a year or so to complete teardown.
         In addition, the small make up also understands from ENEJEAN washing equipment working staff, at present ENEJEAN washing equipment has been developed completely since the cleaning and washing equipment products, and will be available in the near future. In the future, investors do not have to worry about washing cleaning equipment, completely to the washing equipment themselves.