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Washing machine dehydration loud noise problem

         Along with the progress of The Times, constantly improve people living standard, the hotel tourism industry is also increasingly strong. , pull up is washing industry configuration laundry room in the hotel more and more, but with the use of washing equipment time growth, will be caused by a lack of oil machine wear, smooth, aging and spring deformation of parts such as reason, will appear all sorts of abnormal vibration and noise. If not timely repair, can lead to accelerate washing equipment parts wear straight damage. So, how to produce washing equipment noise? 
         Below ENEJEAN washing equipment company first according to the classification of external agencies of washing equipment about washing equipment for the reason of noise;
 1, the new washing machines will be shipment with bolt, if not removed also can produce noise, therefore shipment shall promptly remove the bolts.
 2, washing equipment at the bottom of the foot is not level, become loose, is also one of the most common cause of the noise. At this time can use both hands hold the washing equipment on the diagonal two Angle to check the foot, and put the foot balance adjustment.
 3, washing equipment placed in the rough, soft place. This kind of situation can cause great damage to the washing equipment, should be resolved in a timely manner. The solution is simple, just put the washing equipment in other place, can be placed on a hard flat on the ground.
 4, washing equipment if touch other items also can produce a lot of noise, it is next to the washing equipment shall be checked items, will touch items removed or move washing equipment.
          Some washing equipment noise may be the internal problems, can be solved under the same way:
 1, if the washing operation, the pulsator uttered "giggle" friction rotation. Access to water injection but do not put the clothes to inspect, at this time if there is still a chuckle when pulsator is running, as pulsator rotation is caused by friction with the bottom of the wash bucket. If to continue into the clothing, the noise will be bigger. The cause of the problem may be the pulsator screw loosening, can remove the pulsator, again in the shaft bottom with proper thickness of the gasket, the clearance between the bottom and to increase the pulsator distance, to eliminate the collision or the friction between the two. If it is pulsator outer ring friction wash bucket should be unloaded pulsator, trimmed after the mount.
 2, if the washing operation, the fuselage thrum "pop" to this kind of question is more in the washing drum and aircraft skin collision occurs, it is also possible that four foot washing equipment is put out or not fully contact with the ground. Then you need to do the washing equipment center properly adjusted.
 3, if the motor is running, running belt "waves" sound. The reason is provoked by drive belt wear for a long time. Overhaul, the motor can be fastening screws loosen, the opposite direction of motor to wave wheel rotation, make the drive belt tension, and will stand the fastening screw.
 4 the placement of clothing also has exquisite, roller, the unreasonable place big noise makes washing machines. When using roller washing device, place the clothing should be appropriate, neither too much nor too little, too much or too little can make a big noise. In addition, also should pay attention to place your clothes even when catharsis, avoid body shaking, produce noise.