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Hotel of washing equipment washing water level is too high?

       With the acceleration of the national urban industrialization, washing equipment industry developed rapidly, washing equipment is easy to operate, fully functional, laundry program more follow one inclinations, style novel fashion.For energy conservation and environmental protection, after decades of continuous improvement, suitable for washing mild stains and similar items, its energy saving effect is very obvious to reduce costs.Meet the demand of market of large quantities of clothes washing, making washing industry rapid development, has a group professional cleaning has become the important embodiment of advanced countries in the industrial development.High quality washing equipment development, production and use is an important symbol of science and technology progress of a country.
        Now, users in the use of elution machine often troubled a problem is the water level is too high.Washing water level is too high not only affect the washing quality, but also caused great waste.Especially after the water level is too high, greatly reducing the concentration of the detergent, washing decontamination ability decreased obviously.Wash the offline why the situation of the water level is too high?
At present, we think of a variety of washing before the main causes of water level is too high due to water caused high water level and water lead to high water after class.
        Before washing water of high water level is mainly due to the different washing brand water level caused by the different control degree, due to the elution models on the market, diversity, multifarious, the water level control is not a unified standard, thus caused the imbalance of water level control.
        Secondly, due to the user improper operation, control water level follow one inclinationsly, even is the main wash water level reached the height of the high water level, make the water level too high or too low, this kind of phenomenon to appear more in the hotel, is mainly caused by cleaning staff without the sense of responsibility.
        Finally, washing water level switch failure, can also cause washing water level is too high, such as washing switch control failure, higher water level control threshold and so on, these will suffer a higher water injection.
        Elution machine after water of high water level mainly for two reasons.
        First, wash the offline steam pressure is too low, the washing machine water, leading to higher level.Normal washing steam pressure should be controlled in 4-6 kg, heating time and with less than 10 minutes advisable, but a lot of laundry currently include the use of steam pressure is extremely unstable, often appear the situation of the high and low, especially when the pressure is too low, heating heating time is longer, caused a large number of steam condensed water into the washing, the water level rise is not surprising.
        Second, is also caused by operator mistakes.Such a phenomenon is very common at present: many operators are like at the end of the sheung shui to feeding, it is wrong.Because after the water washing water level control is over, the water level has not been able to change, when all materials used in the water flow into washing cylinder, the water level will certainly increase.If you want to change this situation, needs washing equipment manufacturers and users to work together.