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Buy what you need to start the laundry washing equipment

     Washing equipment is suitable for hotels, restaurants, professional cleaning company, forces, hospital and laundry, star hotels usually use sets of washing equipment. Including r washing, washing, drying, ironing and folding equipment, and hospital, forces commonly used dry cleaners, dry water elution machine, dryer and universal clamp machine, etc. Small laundry choose dry cleaners, depending on the business wash off line and the corresponding small devices.So today sums up net washing equipment experts will give you a laundry room about what need to buy some equipment, which matters need attention when buying equipment;
 Washing equipment generally according to its USES can be divided into six categories
1 dry cleaners class
      Dry cleaners including the use of different solvents, such as, tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, dry cleaners, bromide carbon oil dry cleaners, liquid carbon dioxide dry cleaners, fluorine, dry cleaners, etc., the above all kinds of dry cleaners according to its technical index is different, can divide again open dry cleaners, totally enclosed dry cleaners and the "fifth generation" dry cleaners.
2 Washing machine class
      Including washing machine, dryer and water elution dry sails, tunnel continuous washing machine, automatic washing system and integration of tunnel.Water elution dry machine according to its different performance and can be divided into fixed gravity and full suspension. 
3 the dryer class
      Including exhaust air dryers, after typhoon dryers, intelligent dryer, etc.Exhaust air dryer is different according to its structure and flow type can be divided into top and bottom of the suction type two kinds.According to the state of air duct can be divided into axial air duct and meridional duct type.
Class 4 ironing machine
     Including hot iron drum machine, straight slot hot roller ironing machine. Universal machine, light powder machine, like finishing machine, all kinds of special clothing ironing machine, and so on.
 5 folding machine class
    Special include general folding machine, folding machine, folding conveyor, laminated machine, etc.
 6. Auxiliary machinery
      Including iron platform, scouring machine, small steam generator. Clothes transport machinery and so on.
     When buying washing equipment need to pay attention to what issues?
The washing capacity
     Washing capacity of national standard testing method: is to according to the international standard washing weight: a wash washing the maximum weight of dry state standards.The capacity of general washing equipment for 10-100 - kg.
  Wash than
     Wash "than" refers to the concept of "because washing increases, the reflectivity of the percentage of the value accounted for by pollution reducing reflectivity value".This concept sounds man and hard to understand, in fact, than is judge washing machines wash wash effect index, according to the requirements of national standards, add detergent washing machines wash than to achieve more than 0.7, and the level of energy efficiency of washing machines wash than you need to reach 0.91, namely the station washing equipment can wash the clothes on the level of 91%.
 Wear rate
     The wear rate of washing equipment is determined by measuring the washing water and rinsing water filtration separation income to determine the weight of the fiber and wool slag washing equipment of standard load degree of mechanical wear cloth.