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Hotel laundry in the washing water saving electricity saving the complete equipment

    Daily use in hotel laundry washing equipment of water saving tips, laundry water use about a third of the total water consumption.Water utilization is the laundry every day, the cost of running the biggest, common practice is to use a small amount of water and soap, washing powder and detergent wash away dirt and stains, reoccupy clear water rinse several times, water mainly occurs in the rinsing stage.The following will introduce some laundry water saving tips: washing water saving electricity saving the complete equipment
1, reasonable program
Clothes washed after the first round, it is best to dry clothes, crowded all dirty water, in this way, rinse, can shorten the time, and can water-saving province electricity.
2, try to use water-saving washing equipment
, of course, if possible, we suggest that you better have a function of itself is good, relatively water-saving power-saving washing equipment, so can save you a lot of water consumption, power consumption and save time, save trouble kill two birds with one stone
3, correctly grasp the washing time, avoid invalid action
How clothes XiJingDu, primarily with clothes dirt, the variety of detergents and the degree of concentration, and with the washing is not proportional to the time.In excess of the prescribed, washing time, XiJingDu also won not have big increase, while the electricity consumed in vain.
4, good washing equipment belt
Belt skid, loose, current does not decrease, and the washing effect is poor;Tighten belt of washing equipment, can restore the original efficiency, and not much power.
5, concentrated washing
Washing concentration is a very economic and effective washing method.Is a bucket of detergent for washing a few batch of clothes, washing powder can be appropriately increase, all finished washing rinsing them one by one.So that it can save electricity save water, save washing powder and washing time.
6, nominal capacity
If the washing capacity: too little, electricity consumption in vain;On the other hand, a wash too much, not only can increase the washing time, and will cause the motor overload operation, both increased power consumption, and easy to make the motor damage.
7, water consumption, moderate shoulds not be too much or too little
Water too much, can increase the water pressure of wave plates, aggravate the burden of motor, increase power consumption;Water is too little, and can affect washing clothes when the up-and-down, increase the washing time, increase power consumption.
8, soak before washing
Before washing the clothes in liquid soap or detergent solution soak 10-14 minutes, let the detergent and dirt dirt on clothes to work, and then washing.In this way, not only can make the clothes more washing clean, and can make the washing equipment running time of the half, power consumption is also corresponding reduced by half.
9, color washing, shallow depth after first
Different colors of clothes to wash, wash not only clean, but also wash quickly, wash can shorten than mixing them a third time.Less for some is not very dirty clothes, put some washing powder, can also reduce rinse times.
10, after the first thin thickness
General thin soft texture of chemical fiber, silk fabric, four or five minutes to wash, and thick texture of cotton, wool to ten minutes to wash.Thickness, respectively, to wash, wash than mixing them can effectively reduce the running time of washing equipment.