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washing equipment daily cleaning and maintenance method

    About daily cleaning and maintenance of washing equipment, we specialized in consultation with the industry related technical people, according to introducing, general washing equipment using two years later, will be as the scum of the detergent containing natural oils and clothing of protein, such as adhesion, barrels, back in the corner, gradually by mould.Washing equipment whether use frequent conditions or do not use for long, washing equipment will produce different degree of accumulation of dirt.
    And washing equipment slot is one of the base washing plant pollution.Washing water in the tank washing equipment and flow between inner and outer barrels, accumulate over a long period, the tank will accumulate a layer of dark, sticky dirty stain and dirt, and a large number of bacteria, as time passes can fall off dirt on clothes, wash the caused no net.Most of our users in different degree of dry clothes after washing will be inner barrel, although look inside the tube is clean, in fact, we can not see the depths of the washing equipment has produced a "junk", so the washing equipment after a long time to produce the dirt is inevitable, timely cleaning washing equipment is particularly critical.
Washing equipment cleaning techniques
   A, hidden surface fouling and cleaning methods:
   Because we place, wet summer, shelter evil people and practices the back washing equipment is a common home, here clear aspects compared commonly simple, through the detergent or scrub, frequent is swabbed can.
   Second, the inner barrel dirt cleaning method:
   In general drum slowly accumulated dirt in the washing equipment is inevitable.
   1, the use of washing equipment special-purpose detergent:
 Generally buy washing equipment, many washing equipment vendors will provide some special cleaning agent, it is easy to buy on the market, through washing equipment special cleaning agent (general supermarkets in the 30-50 yuan) to clean up.
Cleaning method is very simple, add water to the high water level, first machine 5 minutes to dissolve detergent fully, can heat up the drum washing machine can be heated to a temperature of 40 ℃, closed washing equipment power soak for at least one hour, then by the day often wash wash the body model, after stop will see a lot of dirt debris floating on the surface of the water.So to be cleaned once every two months, internal dirt can be hard to pile up.In addition, each time after washing, do not be so quick to shut in the washing machine, keep machine ventilation to dry, can prevent fouling mildew.
    2, use drift agent to clean washing method:
 Methods: adding suitable amount of bleach, be sure to use chlorine bleach.In 40 liters of water, add in 300 ml of bleach.To adjust to the high water level, such as water filled with stir well to add bleach.Slowly a bubble, it is caused by residual detergent to dissolve in the pail.About twenty minutes later, the bucket on the back of the dirt in bleach will make a thorough cleaning.Stirring after dehydration, washing equipment in the bottom of the barrel, residual dirt, and put a water again, so that the dirt thoroughly clean.
   3, using simple household vinegar cleaning method:
 Methods: water, water washing equipment more than a half of the dolly tub, do not put any washing, soaking for three hours, and then start the laundry switch, washed several times, then pour out half of the water, add white vinegar (more) as far as possible, and after a night out washing water, clean with clear water again, open the machine cover to stay dry.
   Three, washing equipment routine maintenance method:
 1, washing equipment in need not when try to open the cover, the majority of people after using the washing equipment, cover immediately.Due to close the cover after the moisture can cause mildew stuffy inside, in a long time without use of washing equipment recommendations or open the cover and inner cover are as far as possible had better.
 2, washing equipment use after six months, and every three months after application of washing equipment special cleaner cleaned once a year.
 3, generally every two years or so big clean up once, can ask professional washing equipment cleaning company to come clean dirt inside machine.(generally drum washing machines to come clean about 150 yuan, pulsator washing equipment, 80 yuan)
 Above is the ENEJEAN washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. The technology of small make up to you washing equipment routine cleaning and maintenance measures, hope to have some help to you.Far from hiding dirt, let our clothes every day clean like new.