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Purchase of industrial washing equipment must choose to have perfect after-sales service

    Many clients in consulting our company buy washing machines in our sales staff after quotation feel how equipment prices higher than others, then the customer must not consider the quality of the equipment and equipment after-sales problem.All the machines will inevitably have a failure of one day.ENEJEAN washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD., therefore, the technology of small make up remind everyone here choose the washing equipment manufacturers must choose a perfect after-sale service.While providing customers with good after-sales service is the basic duty of after-sales service department, but this does not mean that sales people can attain the goal of clinch a deal after completely out from the customer service.The following me to share our company after-sales service explanation;
    1. The importance of washing equipment after-sales service;
    Some sales people think that as long as they can persuade the customer clinch a deal, complete the company sales task is fine, all other things can be left to after-sale service department or other relevant professional departments to deal with.Hold with the idea of the sales staff are mostly those who lack of comprehensive strategic vision, they do not know, if your more actively support other department personnel to provide clients with more satisfied service how can bring their returns.To provide good after-sales service, not only is the responsibility of the enterprise after-sales service department, as well as sales staff should fulfill a duty, for the sales staff to do the job well work itself also has a very positive role in promoting.
    2.Help reduce customer complaints;
    If washing equipment sales people will be able to cooperate with other department personnel together to provide clients with more proactive, timely and effective after-sales service, the most direct effect is to greatly reduce the customer complaints to the company, in real life and work, because unhappy about after-sale services and lead to customer complaints occur, the causes of this phenomenon on the one hand is because enterprise short-sighted, only care about the present turnover to clinch a deal the problems customers often ignored after not give solution, on the other hand, because the sales staff did not clinch a deal after the customer service consciousness, not actively after clinch a deal for customer care.Customer complain once formed, enterprises need to spend a lot of time to eliminate.However, if the sales staff to actively provide customers with quality service, so these very adverse to the enterprise customer complaints can basically been contained.Therefore, in order to effectively reduce the customer complaints, sales staff is necessary at the end of the deal, continue to focus on customer demand, to provide customers with more satisfactory service.
    3. Help to consolidate friendly relationship with customers.
    To cultivate customer loyalty actively to provide good after-sales service, and is also an important way to strengthen and consolidate friendly customer relationship, many enterprises outstanding sales personnel are get more and more loyal customers by this way.Most cleaning equipment sales staff know, want to keep good sales performance for a long time, to a large extent need the support of a large number of loyal customers, a large number of loyal customers is often a enterprises an important source of profits.And in order to get a large number of loyal customers long-term support, sales staff have to continuously strengthen and consolidate the friendly ties with the old customers, to cultivate customer loyalty to the enterprise.This would require the sales staff as much as possible to take the initiative to provide beyond the expectations of quality services to the customers, or customer to enterprise loyalty will be difficult to establish.In fact, many enterprises have not maintain long-term friendly relations of cooperation with customers, clients for after-sales service work does not satisfy the often occupies the main position in the various reasons.