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Winter industrial washing equipment safety operation of the note

    Many investors in the laundry when buy washing equipment is often do not know how to configure.Small make up today ENEJEAN washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Technology is with you investors analyze;Laundry dryer configuration actually it is bigger than the elution confidential, a lot of people buy 100 kg of washing clothes and then select the 100 kg dryer such configuration is wrong, because the dryer at the time of the dryer clothing can not be too full.Or in the process of drying clothes will not fully dry.Here we analyze the laundry dryer configuration than washing what are the benefits;
1, the drying effect is better
     Believe that we all know that the washing equipment dryer in actual work, the greater the volume ratio of cylinder, the drying effect is better also.Is the tube of linen is placed within the less, the flip was able to fully within the cylinder, the corresponding drying effect will be better.So if we configure the dryer is with washing capacity or less than the capacity, then the drying effect cannot be assured.
2, high production efficiency
     As mentioned above, more than washing machines wash off line the capacity of the dryer can show better drying effect, so the production efficiency also will be able to get the guarantee.By experiment we found that the greater the capacity of the dryer, the drying efficiency, the higher the capacity of each 10% increase, so it can improve the production efficiency of about 5%.
3, expand more
     Greater than washing machines wash off line capacity of the dryer can significantly improve our production efficiency not only ensure the corresponding drying effect, at the same time also can show more excellent can expand sex.It not only is suitable for drying the task of the current demand, but also can provide hardware for future business development.
So in conclusion, the laundry washing equipment dryer than washing bigger good this view is correct.So the masses of users in the choice of the dryer as far as possible to choose more than washing capacity.Finally force net washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD., the technology of small make up what need reminds is, for allocation of more than 100 kilograms of dryer laundry, should buy separately as far as possible, such as the need to purchase 100 kg so buy two sets of 50 dryer is best. Because only in this way, to ensureThe winter the cold weather is really cold show off in an ostentatious manner, in addition to people afraid of the cold is a lot of plants and animals in our life and industrial equipment similar to the cold, metaphor car dozen do not fire in winter.Industrial washing equipment is no exception, of course, frosty winter too cold be careful washing equipment will. What going on, let is ENEJEAN washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Technical analysis of small make up to you slowly;
     Winter temperature is reduced, some laundry room because the space is too small, so will put out with lower temperature, such as washing machines."The friend in the use of washing equipment, should be paid attention to when will the water net inside the chassis, in addition, if long-term out of town or keep the washing equipment in the room without heating, washing equipment of plastic and half steel washing equipment near outside although there are some good low temperature resistance design, but minus 10 degrees Celsius in the environment, it is easy to cause plastic such as frost crack, reduce the service life of washing machines." ENEJEAN washing machinery, experts say.
     Winter long-term use of washing equipment, the most common problem is the bacterial growth."There are a lot of bacteria in slot on washing machines, if you do not often clean will give the pollution caused by washing clothes."Power net washing machinery experts suggest that can put the diluted detergent when cleaning, can be soaked in washing equipment cone directly with water, do not need to open washing equipment."But cleaning washing equipment slot is not once and for all, must form the good habit of regular cleaning, ensure clean every 2 months at least once, in the off-season or washing equipment using high frequency season need to increase the washing time."
 For industrial washing equipment to do a good job of keeping warm in the winter, safety operation. that when a problem the other can still work normally, avoid the dryer fault and bring the laundry business interruption.