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The hospital by the related introduction and analysis of large industrial washing equipment

    Hospital laundry inside use of industrial washing equipment in big hospitals are now essential.It is the type horizontal industrial washing machine and then all for hospital to provide large quantities of linen washed processing machinery and equipment.For some users understanding of it there is a certain difference, so today ENEJEAN washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Will introduce for you.
 As a hospital with industrial washing equipment, the existing industrial washing equipment is roughly divided into two categories: washing and dry cleaning.The former is a broader range of application, the actual can complete linen washing, bleaching, multiple operating mechanical equipment, etc.While the latter is in the former all functions at the same time with double door opener, before and after the implementation of cloth grass out loading and can be pulled out by two machine door, avoid dirty linen and clean linen through door installed in one take and cross infection problem, is a process of high pollution, high bacteria hospital bed supplies, surgical clothing, infectious department linen items with the best machine.
     With industrial washing equipment for hospital to most of the question is whether this kind of machine can common type of hospital is stained with blood, feces complexity of dirt can deal with clean cloth grass, and its in actual processing can effectively avoid the cross infection between different cloth grass.
    About whether to wash clean the problem, because of industrial washing equipment is a performance is more strong than the domestic washing machine to the mechanical force, better washing function of mechanical equipment, its washing decontamination performance nature more robust.Actual use, as long as we according to the condition of linen dirt to choose suitable water temperature and washing procedure, and then according to the proportion of science to put in the corresponding dose of detergent, it with the washing decontamination effect is more ideal.But for now, my power net company has not received hospital user for our industrial washing equipment washing decontamination poor performance and the problem that the complaint or return.
     About whether can avoid the cross infection between different cloth grass.For traditional industrial washing equipment did exist in the certain deficiencies, and for isolation of type washing, in preventing cross infection this is beyond dispute.So only say this because the mechanical machine adopt stainless steel material, adopt double door design, net dirty linen from different machines in and out of the door, the isolation type washing process.
    So for hospital use automatic offline, at the time of purchase and we should pay attention to what issues?First of all we should accounting daily washing quota, choose suitable capacity, and then use requirements in regard to choose traditional or isolation type.Finally, according to the condition of their own money to choose corresponding suitable brand.
    ENEJEAN washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. As a professional industrial washing equipment manufacturers, professional provide 15 kg to 150 kg in the hospital with industrial washing equipment production and sales, product has been applied by more than three level of first-class hospital, use word of mouth is good, welcome you the choose and buy.