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Laundry equipment type and price

      The types of laundry equipment and price respectively?Laundry equipment is a very wide range of people in laundry equipment in the edition of choose and buy, how to choose and buy to one of the most valuable laundry equipment.Let is see what are the different type and price of the laundry equipment?What kind of laundry equipment is worth you to buy ideal laundry equipment?
       In the dry cleaners, is spoken by the largest number of laundry equipment, often a laundry equipment almost no stopped running all day, so the laundry equipment wear and tear is considerable.Laundry equipment quality is bad, if you buy a frequent failure is inevitable, at the same time, maintenance and troubleshooting will waste a lot of valuable time, this will shorten the lifespan of the laundry equipment directly, on buy a new dry cleaning equipment and had to spend a sum of money, and laundry equipment for general cleaning clothes is not meet the standard of cleanliness, it is easy to cause the breakage of the clothes.
       So a good laundry equipment is the key of choose and buy, it can greatly enhance the service life of laundry equipment, and on the clean clothes also can achieve high standard strict control, to wash his clothes clean as new, global WuJunHua operation, more at ease, let customers.So why so many customers will choose a big brand laundry chain, not just big brand reputation, more important is the customer more seeing the big brands is a advanced equipment and excellent washing technology.
       What type and price of the laundry equipment?ENEJEAN washing adopted international advanced dry cleaning equipment production technology.It is totally enclosed tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment and green environmental protection oil washing equipment ahead of traditional laundry equipment.Fully enclosed tetrachloroethylene laundry laundry equipment adopted double filter, added anticorrosive equipment, doubling machine service life, high efficient recycling device, can completely eliminate the residual amount of clothes tetrachloroethylene, unique strong cooling recovery system at the same time, can be used the most radical solvent, reduce the emissions.Adopt automatic temperature control technology, distillation residue in the dirt is in powder form.ENEJEAN washing equipment is the key parts adopt international brand.
       ENEJEAN washing oil equipment prices range from 20000-130000, tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment prices range from 25000-130000.The choice of laundry equipment, with the location and size of the stores.In general, if you just want to open an ordinary small dry cleaners in the general community, the average price of laundry equipment is enough, if would like to open in the upscale community or want to undertake some high-grade star hotel supplies.These places are often focused on high-end quality of dry cleaning, can consider to choose the dry cleaning equipment with high price, no matter what kind of equipment are for money and open a shop of choose and buy the location have a deep understanding of, if we do not have a clear plan, you can consult ENEJEAN laundry franchising headquarters, you will get the most comprehensive and detailed answer.