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Heavy duty industrial laundry equipment

Washing capacity: increase nearly 100%, save water rate of more than 30%, save 30% detergent, save artificial 90% (relative to the same scale washing).
Product advantage:
     1, this series of equipment for high star-rated hotel, large central hospital, high-end society laundry plant and washing quality requirement is very high, and high speed, high efficiency, energy saving, saving time, artificial mass washing special design and manufacture of high-end customers.Has the slope before and after the fast automatic discharge and the automatic feed function.There are a lot of creative design and has to declare the patent.
This machine is unique function
     2, in a large amount of washing industry forward automatic discharging than 25 degrees 20 seconds automatically discharging manually pull 900-1200 seconds discharging to save a lot of time, greatly improving the unit time washing linen workload, greatly reduces the labor intensity, more greatly shortened the working time, save electricity, ZhengQiFei and artificial wage, more thoroughly put an end to the discharging of artificial strong pull hard drag torn linen, put an end to the compensation.Extend the service life of the linen.A stage of tilting washing efficiency is the same specification of ordinary washing washing capacity: nearly two times.
     3, 25 degrees after washing industry largest 20 seconds compared to the conventional manual pull automatic charging pressure loading 900-1200 seconds to save a lot of time, greatly improving the unit time washing linen workload, greatly reduces the labor intensity.A lean before and after washing efficiency is the same specification of ordinary washing washing capacity: nearly two times (backward matching items need transporting machine used).
     4, positioning technology, large dip Angle of 25 degrees two-way tilt automatic front-rear technology (original).
     5, the integration of the whole machine design and manufacture of the whole machine is more solid, big load continuous operation increased output.
     6, the high gravity and variable stiffness spring pressure hydraulic vibration absorbing the suspension structure is limited to optimize the design of the simulation, vibration absorption rate is as high as 99.9%, partial load resistance is as high as 45%, to ensure the higher success rate when high-speed dehydration and high stability, improve the high success rate, more reduce the wear between the components, to ensure the normal use of components of life.
     7 the first installation, the only special shaft design, convenient, overhaul replaced bearing, seal, oil seal is as long as four hours.
     8, high-speed dehydration, take off cloth grass more water, shortening the time of drying and ironing, reduces the worker wages, greatly reduces the steam and electricity consumption at the same time, greatly improve the working efficiency.
     9, with reference to international and national standard design and manufacture of large capacity washing machine, to ensure that each factory of large industrial washing volume loading ratio is greater than the national and international standards, in the most advanced countries of America most advanced washing structure based on technological innovation, the improved design to create a new generation of the oil-water respective closed inline discharge separate axis system (the only).Before the bearing to the washing room there is a space distance between vertical plate, after after a water seal leakage inside the closed hood will go along the special pipes, not into the bearing, thoroughly solved the industry washing equipment for water seal leaking after water enter the bearing damaged bearing problems.To protect the bearings, also with completely solve the United States of this kind of washing water seal damage after do not burn out main motor and frequency converter.More thoroughly solved the oil seal in damaged bearing lubricating oil into the wash room pollution linen cause can not use the equipment, to immediately stop overhaul.To ensure the normal service life of the equipment.For the first time without overhaul time is 5 times more than general equipment use.
     10, the shafting installation of special design, convenient, is the overhaul is replaceable bearing with wrench, water seal, oil seal, also as long as four hours (other manufacturers to use big Lamar).And general factory need 3 days or longer.
     11, non-corrosive drain valve design: drain valve cylinder with wash room installed vertically, connecting rod at any time not soak in water, avoid connecting rod in high temperature and acidic, alkaline water immersion corrosion, to ensure that the service life of the cylinder seals.
     12 spare computer control system, the second set of options, thoroughly solved the problem of the shutdown due to damage of PC board, to ensure the normal production of the factory.Make sure no problem for equipment production and lose customers.