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What are the defects open laundry equipment

    Open laundry equipment for enclosed laundry equipment, is like for energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp is better than for LCD TV, rear projection TV is not only technology gap, more important is the backward equipment and machines for people and environment there are many hazards.Open laundry equipment has been in the industry and environmentalists as the killer of environmental pollution, a recent years, several big city environmental protection bureau to open laundry equipment issued to disable.What are the defects, then, open dry cleaners?ENEJEAN will from the perspective of professional explanation for you.
City environmental protection bureau to a disabled to open laundry equipment.What are the defects, then, open dry cleaners?The resistance to net would get from the perspective of professional explanation for you.
    First of all, let me know the what is open laundry equipment.So-called open laundry equipment, means of dry cleaning oil by water as the medium of condensing recovery of laundry equipment, collectively known as open laundry equipment.This naming and naming habits of the Chinese language and logic is not consistent, why is the different of condensing medium with different mechanical movement to name?This is because, open washing equipment in the process of drying, cooling link can not depend on the temperature of the cooling side pipe to achieve cooling rapidly, but by open the suction valve outside fresh air into the cylinder body, a valve from opening another out, that is the so-called cooling and smelly, open the appellation.
    Second, why open laundry equipment will cause harm to the environment and people?Because in the above said the process of cooling and smelly, failed to get recovered a number of dry cleaning oil with steam discharge into the atmosphere, and if dry cleaning oil is tetrachloroethylene, so out of tetrachloroethylene and some substances in the air or some matter in the soil with chemical reaction, generate harmful to human body of chloride, thus forming the pollution and harm.
    Finally, let is take a look at what are open laundry equipment defects.Through the analysis of the above two points with the lecture, actually open the defect of laundry equipment already very clear, one is a waste of dry cleaning solvent, 2 it is polluting the atmosphere and soil.
Let is look at how open laundry equipment is a waste of dry cleaning solvent.Open laundry equipment every dry cleaning exudes a certain amount of residual gas, to which the gas is mainly dry cleaning solvent vapor, which naturally contains a certain amount of dry cleaning solvent.These have not been thoroughly cool recycled gas out, do not look at these little gas, but because of the dry cleaner is a business place, dry cleaner clothes a lot every day, will often emissions, emissions is not a small number of a day, waste is obvious.
Take a look at open laundry equipment is how to impact on the environment.In the process of drying and emissions, once these residual solvent steam and cold contact space, the atmosphere will condense and becomes solid, become a part of PM2.5, air pollution is self-evident.And if the solvent steam is tetrachloroethylene, and its damage to the ozone layer also plays a direct role.
    From the above analysis we can know that open laundry equipment for people, to the cleaner staff, as well as to all the people who live on the earth, and all have obvious harm, and from the point of view of cost savings dry cleaners, laundry equipment is not fuel-efficient lights, open do need we treated with caution.Iraqi resistance net already no longer sell this kind of elimination of laundry equipment, but is recommended to franchisees enclosed laundry equipment.