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Industrial washing machine should be to prevent the possibility of mechanical accident

    Industrial washing machinery accident: refers to the operator in the process of using all kinds of industrial washing machinery, may cause damage to the operator."Dangerous" here refers to the latent harm, washing machine itself may already exist or danger caused by long-term operation.
    Harm produced by mechanical equipment mainly includes the following seven categories: 1, extrusion;2, shear;3, winding;4, in or clamp;5, collision;6, high pressure liquid injection;7, slips, trips and falls.These seven types of mechanical danger may be found in all kinds of industrial washing machinery in use process, such as:
    Industrial washing machine and extrusion, shear faults of rotary cage equipment, winding, pull into and clamp;External or improper operation manual door door whereabouts may occur at the time of the extrusion and clamp;Door (rotor cage and outer barrel) may occur in the process of loading and unloading transit caused by the rotation of the cage did not pay attention to in, clamp and shear (such as rotor cage reset);Turn door may occur due to turn door did not lock the machine parts pop up and then collided, shear and extrusion;The external power door may be caused by closed or open a collision, shear and extrusion;In the process of dehydration due to machine suddenly instability (imbalance) may initiate a collision;Suspension washing will probably be suspended a tube or fittings and and fixed framework (such as) between normal extrusion;Laundry equipment discharging and unloading equipment extrusion, collision may occur.
Industrial washing machine maintenance several necessary concerns:
1, every time, should be in advance before starting to open the main valve, including: water valve, steam valve and air valve, check water, steam, and air and so on various pressure is normal;To check whether there is a moderate amount of sanlian pieces of oil cup of oil, gas flow.
    2, regular cleaning machines, both inside and outside the dust and contamination of wool cloth with soft nap and do not belong to the machine, in order to prolong the whole life of the machine parts, and improve the working efficiency of the equipment.
    3, all lubricating points needs to add lubricating oil regularly, in order to prolong life, ensure the normal operation of the machine.
    4, in when the steam supply to the equipment, be sure to keep in mind: not to be in a short period of time will steam on loud, should open the steam valve in the line step by step, slowly needed to achieve equipment work pressure, so as not to damage parts of the equipment.When the steam pressure to reach the required working pressure, can open loop pipe bypass valve, after all the machines more than internal water discharge, close the valve.
    5, all of the steam and water inlet front should connect to pack filters, steam outlet to install trap.Dryer heater often should clean up into the wind, dryer air inlet before each drying all needs to clean up.
    6. Every day: 1) check whether water and steam leak;2) clean soap box;3) ensure smooth drainage;4) after work to close all the external interface device.