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Hospital laundry attention to things

   1, white coat is hospital every worker will wear clothes every day, white coat of white clean degree can say is A reflection of hospital spirit, general white coat collar and cuffs is dirty, prothorax often medicine stains, pay attention to several aspects when washing white coat, A: sorting out of pocket.Health care workers often equipped with a ball-point pen, pen, white coat pocket items such as lipstick, toilet paper.Once these items into the washing machine, will cause the pollution of the whole pot of clothing.B, in order to increase the white coat washing friction, clothing installed capacity is not too full, two-thirds of the load is more appropriate.C, add a little medical detergent when washing, help from solid dirt.D, the main washing with low water feeding 40 ℃ to 60 ℃ after 20 minutes after high temperature washing, washing rinsing folding appear gradually cooled to prevent death, after finishing.E, if enough time, white coat collar, sleeve can use collar net pretreatment in advance, so that is conducive to master section material, shorten the washing time.F, color coat color washing alone, to prevent discoloration, a color, can add oxygen bleaching powder, in order to achieve to color stains lighten the brightening effect, using oxygen bleaching powder temperature must be above 60 ℃, washing solution PH 8. 5 above, so as to play a better effectiveness.
    2, operation main stain is blood and medicine.Blood is a kind of protein, high temperature, avoid by all means when catharsis, once high blood will penetrate the fabric fiber curing degeneration, which is difficult to use ordinary wash washing method.So clothes washing operation should pay attention to several aspects: A, in the low temperature water prewash until blood appeared many times.B, people go to the blood washing powder less than 60 ℃ washing for 30 minutes and then high temperature washing disinfectants.C, if time allows, surgery can be put into the container, using to blood detergent solution soak time and for normal washing, D, once has the blood solidifying, only using oxidation decoloration of chlorine bleaching and oxygen bleaching, then and in addition to iron.
    3, general hospital gown close-fitting dress after washing the best acid neutralization, then add fabric softener.
    4 main stain is human body secretions, bed sheet, bedding and clothing, food, oily be soiled, medicine stains, etc., when catharsis had better low temperature to high temperature washing step, add a certain amount of oil emulsifying agent helps to remove oil stains.
    5, careful with sodium hypochlorite bleach disinfectant sodium hypochlorite to the disinfection bleaching effect is good and the price is low, how many years has been adapted for use by the hospital washing.But sodium hypochlorite for fabric strong corrosion, discoloration, reported loss rate increases, the fabric color clothes seriously fade, so be careful using sodium amino acid.A, when using
    Lowered sodium more than ten times diluted with water, the machine to join in the process of washing machine.B, color clothes best without sodium bleach disinfection.C, some medicines will meet chlorine bleach oxidation discoloration, the formation of brown, stranded in fiber fabric is difficult to eliminate, so suggest washing add chlorine bleach disinfectant after a certain time.
    Strictly the quality pass, the local stains in the clothing factory before.Local clothing washing process will certainly have not been washed out by the yellow trace, trace, old blood, rust, etc., once found that should be handled in a timely manner, by chemical method, oxidation, reduction process local back to wash.
    Hospital clothing washing from hospital transceiver to laundry plant water supply, steam supply, sorting, washing, disinfection, sorting, storage and transportation of to complete the whole process is a complicated system engineering, in order to improve quality, wash clothes need to all aspects of coordination and management.