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Different industry demand for washing machines

    The birth of the washing equipment brought great convenience to our lives, but also improved our living standards.And with the development of the society, laundry equipment application is more and more widely.The washing equipment is mainly used in hotel food and beverage industry, hospital medical industry, factory manufacturing industry, etc.And washing industry experts say, the function demand for washing machines of different industries is not the same.Different industry demand for washing machines
    The first is the hotel service industry.The hotel to the requirement of linen washing equipment mainly embodied in the washing efficiency and convenient use.In addition, the hotel as a service industry, always consider customer sensory experience of comfort, therefore, buy washing equipment must be clean power, and low noise, so as not to affect the customer to have a rest.
    Hospital washing equipment cleaning object is mainly within the hospital bed sheet, bedding bag, and all kinds of fabric.Due to the service characteristic of this kind of hospital, the hospital patients with all kinds of contact, used in fabric there may be a lot of virus bacteria, made the fabric has certain security hidden danger.Therefore, the hospital is very strict to the requirement of washing equipment.Shanghai power net, said general in washing equipment mostly used in disinfection, repair, pressing for an organic whole, in such a large number of washing work professional large washing equipment is the only thing that can guarantee the normal operation of the hospital.
For some heavy industry enterprises, as a result of these enterprise staff in the working process of the contact is adhesion strong stain, so will be very difficult to clean, therefore, these companies will buy this special condition in some washing decontamination ability is stronger, and accompanied by automatic dryer washing equipment.So as to ensure that employees can wear clean work clothes to work every day.
    Washing equipment using the frequency domain is over garment factories of our country.Garment factory to clothing production, want to wash, and then after ironing plastic packaging throughout the domestic sales of shops sell, at this time, there must be only with the help of washing equipment.
    Stains won not have a lot of good clothes just consolidation, general cleaning up more convenient, so the clothing factory used to washing equipment need not very strong ability to clean, but requires a high content of science and technology, which can realize the    automatic integration, so as to reduce the staff workload, speed up the business and win more benefits for the enterprise.
    More than enough to show these contents for different industries, the functions and characteristics of the washing equipment needed to also is not the same.It was also because different industries the demand for washing machines, contributed to the diversity of washing equipment.But with the development of science and technology, washing equipment there will be further subdivided on the function, believe that by that time, the function of the enterprise for washing equipment demand difference will be bigger.