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    Washing equipment province electricity water tips one;Heating washing.And soak before washing.Before washing the clothes in liquid soap or detergent solution soak 10-14 minutes, let the detergent and dirt dirt on clothes to work, and then washing.In this way, can make the washing equipment running time of the half, power consumption is also corresponding reduced by half.
    Washing equipment province electricity water tips 2;Color washing, after the first shallow depth.Separated with the color of the clothes to wash, wash not only clean, but also wash quickly, wash can shorten than mixing them a third time.
    Washing equipment province electricity water trick three;Prewash, dirty clothes and washing since prewash., pretreatment, collar, sleeves, such as a dirty parts, spray a little collar net.
    Washing equipment province electricity water tips for four;After the first thin thickness.General thin soft texture of chemical fiber, silk fabric, four or five minutes to wash, and thick texture of cotton, wool to ten minutes to wash.Thickness, respectively, to wash, wash than mixing them can effectively reduce the running time of washing equipment.
    Washing equipment province electricity water tips five;Water is moderate.Water too much, can increase the water pressure of wave plates, aggravate the burden of motor, increase power consumption;Water is too little, and can affect washing clothes when the up-and-down, increase the washing time, increase power consumption.
    Washing equipment province electricity water six tips;Correctly grasp the washing time, avoid invalid action.According to the number of clothing and smudgy degree determine the washing time.General synthetic fibre and wool, washing 2 to 4 minutes;Cotton and linen fabrics, washing 5 to 8 minutes;Dirty clothes washing 10 to 12 minutes.After washing rinsing time about 3 to 4 minutes.
Washing equipment province electricity water seven tips; Wash weaker than wash.Washing equipment has a strong wash and weak washing function, choose what kind of function is determined, clean degree according to the types of fabric.Actually wash weaker than wash to save electricity, because within the same long washing period, weak than wash changed the more of the impeller rotation direction, starting and stopping times, the current of motor restart is 5 to 7 times the rated current, so instead of weak demanding, wash not only save electricity, can also extend the life of the motor.
    The function of the reasonable choose the washing equipment switch.Washing machines: strong, middle or weak 3 kinds of washing function, power consumption is different.Generally the high-grade fabric such as silk, wool, is only suitable for weak washing;Cotton, blended, chemical fiber, polyester cloth, can be used in the wash;Only a thick blanket, sofa cloth and canvas fabric to use strong wash.
    Washing equipment province electricity water tips eight;Concentrated wash, had better use concentrated washing way.Namely a bucket of water containing detergent, can wash a few batch of clothing, continuously detergent can then add, for all washing rinsing them one by one, so that can save energy, save water, save the washing time.
    Washing equipment province electricity water tips nine;Check the firmness of the belt washing equipment, washing equipment use more than 3 years, to drive the machine belt pulsator will slip.Power consumption will not reduce slippage, washing equipment, washing effect.Tighten belt washing equipment in time, can also power saving.
    Washing equipment province electricity water hang ten;The low foam detergent can save electricity, high quality low foam detergent has the extremely high decontamination ability, also very easy to rinse, general than high foaming detergent rinse the process can be reduced by 1 to 2 times.