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Hotel laundry washing equipment operation management, as well as cleaning and maintenance

    At present, along with our country economy rapid development, more and more users choose to use the washing equipment automatic elution all-in-one replace old single wash, single type equipment.For laundry quality, in addition to pay attention to clothing washing methods, washing equipment regular cleaning is also cannot be ignored.Why should regularly clean washing equipment?And the cleaning cycle is how long?One month, half a year, a year...Or more long?On the issue, ENEJEAN washing equipment experts give the right answer!
   A, hotel cleaning equipment maintenance:
   4, time to check whether there is loose phenomenon, v belt when tight triangle belt on a regular basis.
   5, gas source processor should be regular water, oil mist device to number 10 machine oil supplements.
   6, hotel cleaning equipment electrical cabinet periodically check wiring, relay ever loose, presence of dust.
   1, once a month, or per wash after about 30 times to machine oil cup inside betting his funny lithium base grease (3).
   2, because the dehydration machine vibration frequency is higher, so you should always check the housings, door hinge, motor and loose connectors such as ever, to ensure safety.
   3, check the bottom of the bearing water mouth was clear, in order to make sure no water bearing seat, prolong the service life of bearing.
Second, the hotel washing machines use notice:
    1, the pressure of compressed air shall be between 0.4-0.6 Mpa, drainage, gas source processor should come on and otherwise the machine does not work.
    2, manual operation to stop a particular action, should be repeated according to the state of the button.
    3, the classification of the fabric is the best washing.At the same time, the sheets and blankets and other big to shake, so as to avoid each other, thus affecting the uniform effect and follow-up actions.
    4, machine load control between 80% - 95% as much as possible, because too little quantity, waste of energy, and is not easy to uniform.If the amount is too large, will shorten electric equipment, spring, etc. The service life of main parts.
    5, automatic operation, please do not arbitrarily to shorten the time of a particular action.
    6, both manual and automatic operation, when entering the dehydration gesture, in the first 60 seconds of time, should observe the front door, shaking in the general case, the front door has a slight shake, this is normal phenomenon, if the machine shaking is bigger, should immediately stop the dehydration, back washing, water uniform, dehydration, or has a great influence on the mechanical life of the machine.
    7, if use automatic program finished washing, washing effect and a variety of factors, such as washing the number, size, type and degree of smudgy, recommend that users according to their own actual situation, for a set of ideal program, or by manual operation to the action for the length of time, through the computer modify the program, so as to achieve the best use of fruit.
    8, in the normal operation of the machine, especially in the dehydration condition, even in the automatic state, operators also can not leave the job, in order to avoid accidents.