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Hotel guests suffer from skin diseases, the culprit is the laundry washing equipment

    Washing equipment as necessary in the hotel laundry in the washing tool, it brings a lot of convenient, greatly reduces the labor of mankind.But in actual use, a lot of people to the use of washing equipment is not entirely correct, recently, Mr. Zhang in ripple steel are born because he was on business trip in a hotel accommodation yet never want to get can cause skin irritation.Before we also often have reported some hotel use washing machines to wash the quilt cover sheets for clothing, may also be more to wash the dirty, and even lead to the occurrence of various skin diseases.
This year 25, Mr Zhang is a sales manager, because of work need to travel a lot.But recently, Mr Zhang often feel itchy, at first thought it was a personal health does not reach the designated position, so the home with half a day to a spring cleaning.Thought that this will solve the problem, only to itch it has a tendency to increase.In desperation, Mr Zhang only went to the hospital.The doctor to check for a series of Mr Zhang, and ask for Mr. Zhang daily habits and customs, the final diagnosis is skin allergy.And cause skin allergy is most likely the culprit, Mr Zhang is on a business trip to lodge in the hotel room the close-fitting sheet bedding bag and so on.
    Why, then Mr Zhang will get skin disease?The inside of the hotel laundry industry environment inside the washing machine is very damp, idle a few days later, a large number of mold will develop.Use the longer, the more internal cause mould.A industrial washing machine is used long after, if not timely cleaning, slowly will appear hair muddy water, rinse clean.Over time, for the next laundry can cause pollution.If people use for a long time have mould washing machines wash clothes, it is possible to produce cross infection, cause all sorts of skin diseases.
Hotel laundry room, then, how to make washing machines wash clothes clean and healthy?Let net washing equipment co., LTD. Guangzhou force experts analyze for everyone, is the most simple and effective way to prevent mold: after washing the clothes do not cover the lid for washing equipment, washing equipment to prevent fungal spores.That the number of fungal spores in automatic washing equipment more than the semi-automatic washing equipment, so the washing clothes, first of all should be timely emptying the water in the washing machines, and open the lid, regular use disinfectant disinfectant or clothing.In addition, remind you laundry staff, if washing machines wash clothes appeared a small stain, or open washing equipment appear peculiar smell, drainage appear dark objects, these are the signal that the need to wash the washing equipment.
    Need to pay attention to clean and disinfect, not only for washing equipment of the inside of the laundry should be regular cleaning and disinfection of other equipment metaphor dryers, dry cleaners, ironing machine equipment and so on all need on a regular basis to clean the internal health.Use disinfectant regularly disinfected, including laundry rooms indoor environment should be disinfected regularly.