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Bedding on a train is how to through the large washing equipment cleaning

     Believe that a lot of friends had to do the train experience, generally has a sleeper and seat on the train.Sleeping in bed supplies used long is certainly need to be cleaned, but a train so long, bedding also many, clean up is not very simple.As a result, many are doing the train when using these bedding are some worry, worried that these clothes are not clean. Do not too!Now the industrial science and technology so developed, washing clothing technology has already been mature, ENEJEAN washing equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Technology below small make up will share with you a moment, on the train is how to clean bedding.
     Railway administrations, in general, the following will have passenger traffic section, under the passenger traffic section will have a dirty product library and washing factory (railway administrations a different name) or washing workshop.Remove after dirty product library is responsible for the train, washing factory is responsible for the cleaning.Washing factory internal sorting, washing, drying the wrinkles, packaged four workshops.Dirty product library workers will undertake the bedding of the train station, visitors, such as the curtain disassembly, classification, dirty goods shall not be born by the regulation, to prevent secondary pollution, and then sent to the washing factory.To washing factory, after sorting workers according to the different cars, trains, categories, respectively in different areas, also may not fall to the ground by the requirement, the reason with      before.After washing workshop is responsible for the water to wash, the use of more than 100 kg of industrial washing machine to clean the high temperature.Again through the large dryer after drying ironing workers responsible for drying ironing, big with ironing machine, small by manpower ironing.Then to clean the net library package, and a check before packaging, the factory inspection, identify the scrap and return to wash.By examining the use after disinfection bag packaging factory.Above is the basic process, I said is not absolute, each railway administrations is different, there may be missing, welcome to add.
Best complement some phase information, in fact, China railway is in the standard requirement, system implementation, supervision and management aspects of the formal organization, the closest forces.So please believe that China railway.Different types of car, its a sleeper cleaning frequency is different, different sleeper frequency is also different.Simple said every time I wash D, Z, T, K, a regular line from a wash, but one change at a time.According to article 103 of the rules for the management of railway passenger transportation passenger use bedding, to wash the wrinkles, clean, and establish the system of quality inspection.Soft sleeper to each change, hard sleeper every single change once, should be replaced timely supplement old and dirty.This is the provisions of the 94, there was no D and Z train.No matter what car, bed sheet is dirty looking for train attendants to replace line, he will surely change, on the railway was complaints, he was unable to.
    Many people think it is not clean, I want to say that each train start when the car will be equipped with more than two times and bedding and pillowcase, once they reach their destination will be replaced, if you still do not feel clean can find train attendants for replacement, and under the railway administrations have railway health epidemic prevention station every quarter to check the health status of the train, included in the assessment, rewards and punishments so seriously is very clean.