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About the large washing equipment in the process of washing methods of dealing with the water level

     Washing equipment in the process of washing clothes if water level is too high, will be for the washing effect have a big impact.Therefore control the washing equipment of washing water is very important, ENEJEAN washing equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Of the following techniques, small make up for everyone to look at the first what is the main reason for the high water level caused by;
    Causes of high water level after water washing equipment:
    (1), in the process of washing artificial filling water to the machine.This kind of situation usually happened in inexperienced beginner.These new thought: now that is water, wash cloth grass not submerged in water can wash?Under this view, the main washing, water level was low already very normal, but still think water level is not high, but also open the inlet valve to the laundry cylinder filling water, resulting in the wash water level is too high.
    (2), steam pressure is lower, leading to a huge increase in water washing device, the water level rise.Laundry in 406 kg of steam pressure, steam pressure of normal heating time should be within 10 minutes.And can reach 40-50 degrees, and some laundry boiler steam pressure is not stable, often sometimes high and sometimes low.Even when low pressure less than 2 kg.In the case of low pressure, heating temperature for longer periods of time, you need even need more than an hour.Caused heavy industrial steam condensation water will flow into fully automatic washing, the water level rise.Bring out the condensed water from water vapor.
    (3), the water valve leakage, in the process of the whole washing water flush into the drum is constantly higher water, if this kind of circumstance, you will need to use tape to water valve tightly.
    (4), the operator at the end of the water before feeding.At this time, the washing water level control program has ended, to control the water level change have been unable to function, all materials used in the water flow into washing cylinder, will make the water level rise.The process time is shorter, there is less water.
Causes of high water level before water washing equipment:
    (1) a lot of manual control water washing work habits, or zero level set standard is higher, or mismanagement, no water level control standards, or the sense of responsibility is not strong, follow one inclinations to control water level.Sometimes the main washing water and even reached the height of the high water level.
    (2), the water level sensor is the device to control liquid level height.If a fault occurs, the control failure, water level control threshold increases, leading to higher water.
    (3), in a lot of hotel laundry room, or the large-scale factory, washing equipment does not use a brand, some even have at the same time with a few manufacturer of industrial washing equipment in use.These brand washing equipment washing water did not have standard.So the cause cannot be unified, have high low.A hotel laundry room, for example, there are two different brands of domestic 100 kg washing machines.Two same washing machines wash cloth grass, but the main washing water height setting is different, a main wash water for 30 cm, another main wash water for 40 centimeters, two main washing equipment wash water level difference is bigger.And some water to wash the unions are set to 40 cm, this will cause another water level on the high side.