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Common faults of large washing equipment has related processing method

     Mostly large washing equipment in every large hotel laundry room equipped with, is relatively simple, but has its own characteristic and failure law of these knowledge can reduce misjudgment and save maintenance time.If the laundry staff to grasp their own some relevant knowledge of maintenance, so can greatly improve the efficiency of the work, the following are selected from washing equipment maintenance records of the universal law of maintenance instances:
    1. The washing machine does not live troubleshooting: check the power supply circuit is normal, the presence of open circuit phenomenon.If it is the power cord damage replacement time should not be less than the original specifications, do not change to the small specifications of the power supply cord, could easily lead to open again.
    2. Washing equipment cannot fill: especially industrial washing machine first check the fill valve this end if there is any dirt jam, if not then is the circuit has a problem, first check the inlet valve is damaged, if not, may be computer board failure or damage, it has to be replaced a new go up and then can solve can not fill the mistake.
    3. Washing equipment can fill but just do not start: first of all, we want to confirm that whether it has been in the drainage, does not meet water, lead to cannot be started.Second check whether the water level switch is in good condition, whether because of the water lead to can not start switch failure.
4. Room temperature washing equipment work pretty well, heating problems: such as always no action after heating, metaphor ironing machine, in this case, the most simple you take off water first put a little test to see if the water temperature is enough, if the water temperature is enough, you can determine the temperature control switch is failure caused by the failure, another is the water in the heating, always did ends we will measure the voltage, if not then this is the processor appear problem, and supply problems, if can measure, look to the failure heat wire.
    5. Washing equipment can not drainage: the washing equipment is under drainage, drainage first to check if you can not drain valve, if because of the drain valve problems caused by washing machine cannot be drainage equipment, so we going to drop the drain valve replacement, replace the drain valve of each tube is tight in the first place of turns spring loose, to bring the fixed screw loose, the following can be replaced. The change of time looking for the same model specification of the same type can be completed.
    6. Washing equipment laundry weakness: washing machine in the washing standard capacity when turning.First to check the motor components, the existence of a single-phase capacitance damage phenomenon such as, second check mainly is pulley, the belt is loose or not enough toughness.
    7. Dryer dehydration: this should check the phenomenon such as dehydration switch whether there is open circuit, if you have the replacement switch, and a plate is likely to be a computer fault can cause this kind of situation, please seek professional manufacturers initialization parameters or replace the PC board.
    8. Washing equipment control switch on the board has failed: such as water level switch, we can open it and see, whether caused by poor contact function is lost, so we can change the cleaning method can also be used.
Appeared in numerous failures, the above basic washing equipment is the main failure, failure can self control, to save your maintenance, perhaps can solve the problem in time.