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The application of industrial washing equipment in garment factory related introduction

    One of the most generally used in the garment factory industrial washing equipment is our conventional horizontal industrial washing equipment.In the garment factory main function is used for garment wash garment, stone washing, enzyme washing, sand washing, chemical wash, rinse, wash, snow wash damage.The application of industrial washing equipment in garment factory, mainly as a special washing process for fabric and garment washed and a mechanical equipment.Due to the difference of application field, so be applied in garment factory industrial washing equipment as there are different, such as sand washing machine, beck, stone mill machine, snow dry grinding machine, etc.Our industrial washing equipment only so can application in the clothing factory, and widely recognized by the user, which with our industrial washing equipment itself have washing capacity: big, washing performance is strong, strong expansibility this advantage is inseparable relationship.
    First, washing capacity: big, is generally applied to industrial laundry with garment factory for more capacity in 50 kg to 400 kg of large capacity type industrial washing equipment, such as industrial washing equipment monocular little can handle a few kilograms of many hundreds of kilograms of clothing, is the other type of washing machine and the traditional manual processing method.Fully meet the various garment factory mass of ready-made clothing and daily half garment washed processing requirements.
Second, strong expansibility, garment factory with industrial washing equipment not only can be used for each ordinary washing clothes, at the same time, a little change can also be used for special washing clothing apparel processing, such as to industrial washing equipment incorporating a certain size of pumice, make pumice polishing with clothes, then to reach stone wash, stone mill, the purpose of the snow ground.Is such as to add certain enzyme in a certain PH and temperature, degradation effect on fiber structure, make the cloth can be gently fade, tun hair ( peach skin effect), or is such as to add some alkaline, oxidizing agent, make a fade after washing effect  achieve the ultimate goal of sand washing.
    Third, washing performance is strong, for application in the clothing factory type horizontal industrial washing equipment, it is a traditional structure design, is easy to brake, the characteristics of the mechanical strength, strong washing performance, fully meet the various garment factory in the ready-made clothing special water processing production process requirements, the most important is its elegant material can be combined with all kinds of chemical solvent, fully guarantee the standard of water washing process.In the guarantee of washing amount at the same time also ensures its good cleaning performance.
    So in conclusion to see industrial washing equipment is a application in the clothing factory weapon of choice.Current power net washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD can provide 20-400 kilograms of clothing factory with garment wash, stone washing, enzyme washing, sand washing, chemical processing materials such as washing for semisteel and all steel (201, 304, 316) of the conventional type and on-demand customization type industrial washing equipment production and sales service, welcome everybody to choose.