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Acceptance of washing equipment need to pay attention to what issues

    Alibaba group 2014 double 11 Tmall mall hit a $57 billion in sales, the power of e-commerce in today society is so big.The goods now to a small sewing needle, big to a car or industrial equipment, so large washing equipment nor the other, also is through e-commerce sales, generally speaking, in order to ensure the rights and interests of both sides, most washing equipment manufacturers in the delivery of products are in the form of logistics cod, when ship products to consumers the local logistics station, demanding consumers to when logistics stands for acceptance of the goods, after confirm the same, the settlement of payment for goods, and then shipped to the designated place of consumers.So how to do a good job of washing equipment acceptance is a particularly important thing.
    n logistics point inspection cannot be tested after water, electricity use, so we each consumer acceptance for washing equipment from aspects such as appearance, texture resolution, and the size of the machine acceptance work accordingly., of course, if there is condition or necessary customer can go to the factory for inspection and testing to ensure that the equipment has no problem to pack again to deliver goods, we are still under the simple said about how send the washing equipment of logistics work acceptance;
    The first is the appearance, we should ensure that receives the appearance of the washing equipment should be smooth and flat without damage, large sag, off the paint is not scattered, main components, spare parts whether complete, etc.For there is the machine failure caused by logistics or damage we should refuse acceptance of large area, and contact with the factory in the first time.
About material to distinguish the main said is washing, ironing machine, has the dryer equipment is all steel type, for users to choose, 201, 304, 316, a variety of materials, which a few kinds material will directly affect the practical application of washing equipment and service life, so we should pay attention when acceptance, might as well take the corresponding testing potion for stainless steel material testing, at the same time can also be used to distinguish from the color, generally 201 stainless steel because of manganese element color will be darker than in 304, 304 to white.And shall ensure that the stainless steel surface polishing without bubble, pinhole, etc.
     Moreover is washing drum capacity the size, for washing according to capacity can be divided into 15, 20, 25, 50, 70 and 100 kg capacity, the capacity of different washing the actual volume of nature is also different, like 50 kg body size is 1640 * 900 * 900 mm, while 70 kg to 2220 * 1340 * 1360 mm.So, in order to prevent factory hair wrong goods, we need to do a good job of measuring equipment volume, ensure that the purchased and sent is the same.
     Not only that, but we should also pay attention to the washing machine motor power size, the thickness of the stainless steel plate, the electrical part is normal.For variable frequency converter brake we also should check the power, the brand situation, make sure all are normal.For there is a big controversy, need to communicate with manufacturer for the first time, and refusing to acceptance, in case both sides to bring unnecessary loss.In general if regular washing equipment manufacturers will strictly according to the requirements of customer to production equipment, metaphor ENEJEAN washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD is a production has a professional technical checks all your customers can rest assured.