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Operational guidelines for hotel purchasing laundry washing equipment plan

     Washing equipment has been widely used in hotel, hospital, school, army, and so on.Today power net washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Small make up of the technology is mainly in the laundry room to share with you when purchasing equipment should be what matters need attention, I a few below, hope can bring convenience for each procurement staff;
1, know their needs what kind of washing equipment
    After know your needs before we know what to buy how much capacity, what kind of hotel large washing equipment.For requirements, one is the dosage on the demand, the other is the function demand.First is the amount, we should check out the daily maximum amount of grass cloth washing, then according to the production volume and working time of choose and buy is corresponding the capacity of the large washing equipment.Like your hotel has 100 rooms daily need to wash cloth grass, then the total average daily washing of 250 kilograms, about 50 minutes per barrel washing cycle, work 10 hours to calculate, then 30 kg type hotel large washing equipment is suitable for you to choose.
On the function demand, we should from the laundry staff allocation, performance requirements, etc, were analyzed, and the like with your hotel staff more nervous, then a high degree of automation of choose and buy large washing equipment, conversely buying lower automation.Or you buy large washing equipment must not only be used in the traditional room linen washing process still need to wash guest clothing, then you should do it special is special, buy respectively.
    2, know the washing equipment purchase
    Different money can buy large corresponding washing equipment types, brands are also different.Said first type of fully automatic washing this large washing equipment, for example, with former dump material is more expensive than without tipping before material, with the function of drying is more expensive than without drying function.Brand again, different brands of the corresponding price is also different, than homebred expensive imports, domestic first-line brand to more expensive than second-line brand, USES the agent sales model to more expensive than the factory direct sale, etc.So when buying the hotel large washing equipment, we also need to know their own money, as far as possible with the most reasonable price to choose the most suitable large washing equipment, do not choose the most expensive only choose the right.
    3, know how to identify the washing equipment quality
    At present the hotel large washing equipment in the market for our choice is more and more, this requires that we understand how to identify.Like the quality we can for large washing equipment through the selection of materials, manufacturing process, components such as composition and application of new technology for evaluation.For the antiseismic performance we can through its damping Settings, the machine structure to distinguish.Or for a manufacturer of power we can through the establishment of the time, the scale of production and market application, and provide after-sales service.Accomplish know fairly well, and not by the seller by the nose.
Technology in power net washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Small make up, if you can really understand and master the information above, then your hotel large washing equipment when the choose and buy while trying to be all things to do but also many, from the choose and buy to ensure that the hotel of the type of washing equipment is the most applicable himself.