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How to the laundry washing equipment configuration of the boiler

     Washing equipment of the heating mode, generally for three, one is electric heating, one kind is steam heating, another is the gas heating.And three kinds of heating methods which a lowest cost, with the most convenient?Lowest cost to a steam heating, of course, also is the topic we say today;The steam heating boiler can certainly will have access to, for laundry need to configure how old boiler has always been your laundry investment is most concern, do not try so hard, let power net washing machinery company technology small make up slowly to your analysis:
     On average for each user in considering how laundry with boiler more about has how much, what kind of heating mode.Ok we will introduce respectively.The first is how much, the boiler is 0.15, 0.3, 0.5, 1, 1.5.10 tons of various specifications, different size, the corresponding unit time of natural gas production is different also.Like 0.15 tons of gas production in the 150 kilograms per hour, while 0.5 tons in the 300-350 kilograms.So about laundry needs to match how much you need according to your washing equipment unit to determine the gas consumption.
 And generally need to use the steam in the laundry washing equipment mainly has fully automatic washing, dryer, ironing machine these a few take gas equipment, the size of the corresponding gas consumption is also different.Like 100 kilograms of fully automatic washing the gas consumption of 50 kg each cylinder, and 20 kg for 18 kilograms.100 kilograms of dryer air around 70 kilograms per hour, while 50 kg of about 40 kg.Roll the wrinkles in the machine with 3 meters single roll of gas consumption in 80 kilograms per hour, double roller in 180 kilograms, three roll is 260 kg.So about the laundry boiler is specific match how much according to the your equipment specification and quantity.
     To talk about the type of the boiler, the current laundry often with there are coal, gas, these two types of boiler.Various types of boiler is not only the purchasing price is different, form a complete set of corresponding energy consumption and demand is also different.Although like gas type of low energy consumption and can effectively reduce staff costs, but need to have a stable natural gas source, and the purchase price is more expensive than the same type of coal type of about 30% to 50%.And coal type although cost is low, the necessary requirements, but need to program on coal, so in terms of personnel salary expenses will be larger, and now relatively heavily audit of coal-fired steam boiler, the erection and more trouble.
     So in conclusion, how about laundry should match the boilers and what type of boiler should be according to your actual washing equipment gas demand brought by the specification, quantity, and as well as your budget situation with your local policy is decided.And boiler is a special industry is not literally can production, so at the time of purchase boiler must choose qualified boiler manufacturers, must ensure the safety of the product quality.