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Washing equipment should be cleaned regularly to prevent secondary pollution

    Use washing machines wash clothes has become most people habits and customs, we do not know, however, washing equipment internal actually contain a lot of bacteria, seemingly clothes washed very clean the surface, but after a second pollution, stick to it would be difficult to estimate how many internal bacteria.Some time ago, there was in the professional laboratory, laboratory of washing equipment inside the bacteria tested, the result proves that this conclusion - do have more bacteria inside washing machines.
, as a test in the laboratory using a fully automatic washing machines, to tap water samples were taken, washing equipment idle when the water sample, rinse water samples and join again after washing water sample, to test the washing equipment in exactly exist no bacteria, and many bacteria.Laboratory technician will be 4 piece of coating were soaked in the above four kinds of water, placed in temperature in waiting for 5 days, observe bacteria residue on the coating
    Found that is stained with tap water samples of coating residual, no bacteria with washing equipment idle when water samples of coating has obvious residual bacteria, stained with rinse water samples when there are a lot of bacteria in coating of residues, and stained with water again after washing the samples coated with a small amount of residual bacteria
    Through this experiment results can be clearly found that after entering into clean water washing device is bacterial contamination during washing equipment operation, and clothing if in cleaning, easily with a large number of bacteria, these bacteria does indeed come from internal washing equipment.
Suggest 3 months to clean up a washing equipment
Why there are bugs in washing machines?Experts said that this is mainly the internal structure and washing equipment has great relationship.Most consumers are using the automatic washing equipment, such as washing equipment generally has two barrels, inside and outside washing device inside the runtime will continue to flow between two barrels of water, and if there is no row thoroughly after each washing drainage, accumulated for a long time in it is easy to accumulate a large number of bacteria between the two barrels.
Usually washing equipment in airtight, damp environment for a long time, this also is very easy to breed bacteria, now is winter, summer the situation will become more obvious.
    For is there a way to reduce the number of bacteria in washing equipment and how to wash washing equipment, experts say, consumers in the knowledge of the principle of the bacteria in washing equipment can "suit the remedy to the case".To washing equipment internal damp this for a long time, suggest that every time after the laundry do not immediately shut down the lid, should offer certain ventilation time.Internal cleaning and washing equipment, can be put to the highest level, the water immersion after two hours, add detergent and some cleaner and normal operation of a washing mode can achieve clean effect.For conditional consumer, also can ask professional personnel for disassembly cleaning equipment, an average of 3 months to clean up a can.