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Spring laundry laundry interpretation

     Time in March, it was the turn of the winter and spring season, also is the most chaotic time people wear clothes.Walking in the street, some people still wrapped in thick coats, some people have been changed into the relatively thin cotton-padded clothes, more fashion and all the men and women dress up as summer, looking back.However, it is because the spring you dress more miscellaneous, so more attention should be paid to laundry.Summary, below small make up for everybody with spring laundry dry cleaners laundry tips, and see it together.
     How to wash down jacket
     Since the down coat dry may after an explosion of news is widely spread, people tend to think of down jacket to the dry cleaner.Dry cleaners use dry cleaners, however, mainly of tetrachloroethylene, this lotion will break down the ingredients in down and feather, and affect the thermal performance of a feather.At the same time a good down jacket can use leakproof velvet fabrics, coating and chemical solvents tend to dissolve leak proof, cause leakage velvet.So that in addition to marked down jacket dry-cleaned, other down jacket do not recommend dry cleaning.
     How to wash white wool coat
     In general, there are lined with wool coat cleaned, the best because after the water, clothes shrink contorts easily, but white wool coat is an exception.Because the washing liquid is a little yellow, natural white clothes especially cashmere, adsorption some color.Dark and inevitable machine washed clothes, clean up even if it is clean again also has a plush top residue, these will affect the color of the white coat.In this case, the white coat or not to wash or washing.
Spring laundry soaking time shoulds not be too long
     When soaking and wash his clothes, must separate washing underwear, coat.If wash garment, underwear together, it is easy to cause cross contamination.Clothes soaked 10-15 minutes commonly is the most appropriate, because clothes soaking time is too long, most of the fabric will happen hydrolysis, thus reduce the useful service life of clothing, but also reduces laundry detergent washing effect.Bed sheet, pillow case and other bedding is one of the largest breeding place for dust mites.Dust mites can trigger allergies.Expert proposal, bedding, 1 week best wash with hot water, the water temperature should be not less than 45, so that we can effectively eliminate the allergens.
     Place the laundry detergent enough is enough
     To be efficient and save use detergent, must according to the laundry water, access to the appropriate component.
     Clothes washed out in a timely manner
     Some friends to save time, often turn on the washing equipment, and went out shopping or do other, such as home and then hung the washing out.But the expert proposal, to prevent bacterial growth, clothing should be within 30 minutes after the washing out.It is important to note that once you place the laundry inside the washing equipment for more than an hour, you should wash it again.In addition, take out the laundry, wash hands thoroughly.