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How much is a laundry room, how to do environmental energy-saving washing equipment

      Because of the laundry room size, location, heat source method, form a complete set of equipment usage are different, so for how much you need to open a laundry this problem the answer would be no a accurate answer.Since unable to accounting the specific price, net force companies to introduce the laundry cost composition.Also now are environmental and energy saving, as local environmental protection department of environmental protection regulation, make we all laundry has also been affected, no change will be eliminated, the outlawed, has become the current test each laundry most need to do one thing.It is in this environment, allows us to draw out the energy conservation environmental protection laundry this concept.Below we first how much laundry needs to know about the investment costs and environmental energy saving problem about laundry.
     The main cost of the laundry room has three;
     The first rent, gas, laundry general location suburb, so the rent price are relatively cheap, building area according to size.Of which 200-3000 square.For the water, with no water, but in order to better washing effect, we often need to spend 10000 yuan to buy the corresponding demineralized water equipment.For electricity, need 380 v power supply.With regard to air this, we need to purchase and form a complete set of boiler for steam generation, but if you supplied with power plant or other place of gas source, then this can be avoided.
     As a general rule, the second: washing equipment purchase money laundry room equipped with automatic washing, dryer, ironing machine, these a few equipment for various device type is more, the price is different also, so the also need to purchase what kind of specification according to you to calculate the total laundry daily washing, take a daily deal with hotel laundry room, its basic configuration, a 100 kg washing, a 100 kg dryer, wrinkles in a double roller machine, the total price will be about 10-300000 yuan.
The third workers;That the number of workers in the laundry or according to your size again and laundry equipment automation, large scale, researchers need to multipoint, small staff can be less, laundry equipment automation degree is high, the corresponding number of employees can be reduced, instead we have to increase.Process still had a daily average of 500 a laundry room, staffing in about 4 to 6 people.
     How to make the laundry in the environment of the environment and energy saving operation note two points:
Heat source: for laundry dryer and ironing machine not only need to borrow a lot of heat when the actual production, even our industrial washing machine is also need.For traditional laundry, heat source mainly have two aspects, one is the power transformation, the other is produced by the traditional coal-fired boiler steam.The former as energy saving, but the cost is higher, can not bear different laundry.For the latter, because the actual production will produce large amounts of waste gas, waste residue, bring a bad influence to our environment.So now it is banned by slowly.
Sewage: for the laundry, the generation of wastewater from industrial effluent from washing machine production when washing, rinsing, this kind of wastewater is also known as laundry wastewater, although compared to other types of sewage, low irritating, but everywhere is also prohibited to discharge.