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20 kg of dry cleaning equipment price how many money?

     20 kg of dry cleaning equipment price how many money?As is known to all, in the net international laundry, resistant to the dry cleaner franchisees dont charge jiamingfei, your input is to buy dry cleaning equipment, and in the dry cleaning equipment in dry cleaning equipment, for the most expensive, so everybody wants to know a dry cleaner device need how many money?Especially the large capacity of 20 kg of dry cleaning equipment price how many money?
     So a 20 kg dry cleaners equipment price is how many money?
     Oil dry cleaning equipment is controlled in 60000 yuan, tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners equipment in 100000 yuan
     This is the resistance to join chain enterprises are common offer net dry cleaners, but because of different models, the performance of each have differences, this is a large dry cleaners configuration, small dry cleaners does not need such a large capacity of dry cleaning equipment, laundry to investors need to understand clearly.
So what is decided to dry cleaning equipment prices?
     One, according to the dry cleaner shop size choose corresponding capacity of dry cleaning equipment
     Generally small investment in 3 ~ 50000 dry cleaners, dry cleaning equipment can choose 8 kg (about 8 kg dry cleaners equipment prices we said before), 10 kilograms, medium dry cleaners inputs in 6 ~ 100000, dry cleaning equipment can choose 12 kg, 15 kg, large dry cleaners input in 10 ~ 300000, dry cleaning equipment can choose 18 kg, 20 kg, and the dry cleaners equipment price of different capacity is different.
      Second, according to the dry cleaner equipment performance and appearance
Dry cleaning equipment is in a dry cleaner more conspicuous place, customers look brand-new, atmospheric dry cleaning equipment for dry cleaners more trust, trust dry cleaners laundry service will be very professional, so the appearance of the dry cleaning equipment is so elegant, fashion, craft.How to examine the performance of the dry cleaning equipment at the same time, the performance of the dry cleaning equipment XiJingDu is higher, is competitive in the washing efficiency, can be dealt with large quantities of clothes and improve profitability.
      Three, stability, environmental protection
      The author wrote telling dry cleaners often join investors not to buy used dry cleaning equipment, the reason is that the second-hand equipment performance is extremely unstable, and poor environmental performance, to know the peak season, every day XiYiLiang up to hundreds of pieces, if you are not to high load operation of dry cleaning equipment, cant you in good time to make the goods, if all of a sudden strike, that is "human tragedy," not only to pay large sums of fixed delay normal operation, at the same time, more and more dry cleaner devices will be pay attention to environmental protection performance, reduce harmful gas emissions, beneficial to human body health.
      Reasonable choice laundry equipment is an important link in successful open a dry cleaners, I once had a laundry franchisees told me that he will choose the dry cleaning equipment with maximum capacity, I discourage him, because he drove a small dry cleaners, dont need a large capacity of dry cleaning equipment, the author is to help franchisees to reduce capital investment, reasonable allocation of open a dry cleaners for each resource.