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Washing equipment heating way how to deal with

For traditional laundry room, the importance of boiler, have the fully automatic washing, ironing machine, dryer and washing equipment for the production of steam can be guaranteed, while guarantee the normal production and reduces the traditional type electric heating equipment of high energy consumption.Considering the emissions, environmental protection, safety factor, the current domestic relatively most area has banned the use of coal-fired boiler.It is definitely a for we all laundry adverse factors, more and more users start to transformation of the mode of heating and to find a more long-term development.
       Then after the promulgation of the policy, we each laundry natural need to perform, so for the laundry room of high consumption, dont let boiler what should we do?If there are other alternatives, or how we adjust in the lowest cost is?This force net I think we should be treated respectively, for the configured users of steam heating equipment, we need to consider to replace the corresponding gas supply supporting products, while the user for new laundry should be more to think about buying other heating equipment.
       For have not started to buy washing machines can handle
       For those who are not corresponding equipment purchase and did not put the laundry users, can choose the way more, first of all, we can consider to buy electric heating type washing equipment, at the same time also can consider to buy steam equipment and supporting material using a boiler.At the same time, we also can choose new way of heating equipment, which for us to choose the gas, natural gas, thermal oil, hot blast stove type.
       In order to meet the market development, meet the demand of various users, currently my power net company has launched with biomass boiler, hot-blast stove matching using industrial washing machine, dryer, ironing machine, at the same time we also introduced a gas, natural gas, heat conduction oil heating type of laundry equipment, if you have this aspect demand may wish to contact my company!
       To have opened the laundry and washing equipment need such boiler users can deal with
       For each user of existing equipment, has a complete set of equipment, after all, if all the dont have to purchase new out, the price must be the laundry cant accept, then we might as well to consider the allocation of new steam equipment.Which is in line with the policy and is suitable for various laundry has two device biomass boilers and steam generators.
Due to the use of biofuels, including biomass boiler has high availability and low emissions of PM2.5, the characteristics of less waste, so only we have appropriate boiler safe use license, around or allow installation to use, so my power net company proprietary laundry is adopted by the current this kind of boiler.But here what need reminds is the high cost, this kind of boiler is a traditional about two to three times the price of coal boiler.
       And believe some laundry for steam generator, users have to understand, it is a by electric braking, so as to produce steam equipment, in this way for the supply of steam than traditional electric heating type of lower energy consumption, and the purchase price is relatively cheap, so unfavorable also as a stopgap.