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washing equipment manufacturer detailed analysis of the pros and cons of various kinds of washing eq

The contemporary state of industrial washing equipment products into the new one thousand years later, the world industrial washing equipment has grown to a heyday, with the development of the basic devices into the high-tech stable production period, washing mechanics research had the new breakthrough, in order to adapt to the requirement of environmental protection is more and more strict, the continuously introduce high quality industrial washing equipment.
   Dry cleaners products to more solvent applicability and development of the green environmental protection, product is made of high quality stainless steel manufacturing, fully automatic computer control, complete functions, performance, appearance, luxury and beauty, with foreign manufacturers the latest fifth-generation closed dry cleaners as an example, its main performance indexes are, solvent consumption of less than one percent, washing period is less than 25 minutes, environment pollution is less than 25 PPM, cage residual pollution is less than 300 PPM, equipped with double filtering, double recovery system, automatic cleaning system, distilling the oil pan, vacuum washing system and other advanced equipment.
   Washing machine product development towards higher stability and energy saving, product adopt leak proof stainless steel manufacturing, all floating suspension structure, the product of small washing and tunnel continuous washing integration system is given priority to, represented by Germany PASSAT P50-12 integrated continuous washing system, including a frame conveyor, a tunnel continuous washing machine, a hydraulic dry off machine, a shuttle transport machine and four drum wind type dryer, controlled by an electrocautery integration, automatic washing of clothing center, can handle clothes 1200 kilograms per hour when the typical representative of contemporary integrated automatic washing line, its water consumption is only three 6 ~ 10 l/kg, water consumption per 1 kg washing clothes only 6-10 litres, than ordinary single water elution dry machine save water 60 to 75%.
Ironing machine products toward the development of three-dimensional and side thermalization, single finishing machine stereoscopic finishing structure is used in almost all large iron machine adopts heater structure, with German real Italian company of cao type double roll ironing machine as an example, the machine ironing speed of 0 ~ 20 m/min, iron tube diameter of 30 800, double drum structure, adopts hanging wall directly drag reducer, elastic thermal blanket cylinder, the central smoke wet, inverter stepless speed regulation, the structure is simple, the appearance of luxury generous, reliable operation, no dust pollution of steam, gas consumption to 200 kilograms per hour (when steam pressure 0.64 Mpa) only for direct hot ironing machine of gas consumption by 60%
   The dryer products in a circular duct energy-saving products.Intelligent control, with Germany BOWE 20 kg energy-saving dryer, for example, it adopts the axial circulation duct, humidity automatic control, computer can automatically put the clothes to dry to the required humidity (water content), in order to work for subsequent ironing.Around for drying cycle, evaporation drying one kilogram of water required for steam consumption is 0.8 ~ 1 kg, is just a normal fifty percent to sixty percent of air exhaust type dryer, is a typical high efficiency energy-saving dryer.
   Folding machine products toward the high precision, low noise, automatic direction, automatic folding seats as the German real Italian company, the product appearance elegant, USES the computer automatic control, ironing machine automatic online, photoelectric automatic measuring, pneumatic folding, can be single channel or 4 automatic folding, automatic classification.
With high voltage pulse electrostatic elimination device.Folding accuracy of plus or minus 5 mm, top folding speed of 40 meters per minute.Auxiliary machinery products.Represented by conveying machinery adopts automatic computer control, high precision positioning, stable conveying, and bring the self-test, weighing, etc, the rest of the all kinds of iron platform, juice machine, elegant appearance, reliable work.Contemporary industrial washing equipment, make the latest automatic control technology and the perfect combination of exquisite workmanship, no matter from the appearance, performance, environmental protection, energy saving all aspects are very advanced.