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Select "dry" or "washing"?


Washing laundry clothes washing and dry-cleaning of the main points. Whether it is clothing washed or dry-cleaning should follow: to ensure no fibers and color affected premises, will wash off the dirt surface of the fabric. So laundry staff must be clear that not all of the clothing can be dry, and not all of the clothes are washable. So for some clothing both dry and can be washed. We should be based on the characteristics of dry-cleaning and laundry to choose.
Wash and dry compared to the advantages he has, including three aspects: first, low-cost water. Water is water as the main raw material, add some detergent washing process, and used dry-cleaning and consumption, including tetracycline and petroleum solvents such as PCE. By comparison: a ton of water to more than a few dollars, but at least one kilogram dry cleaners on a few dollars. Second, the high water emergency. Single PCE from the water itself is better wetting effect is concerned, but a strong ability to dissolve water, soluble in a variety of detergent reactants main component, play in the washing process wetting, emulsifying, foaming and so on have a good ability to remove dirt. PCE but only in a small amount of a attractant. Third, the most environmentally friendly washing. Now advocating green laundry, and is recognized as Eco-washing water with respect to dry it is the most environmentally friendly. Whether petroleum dry cleaning machine, or completely closed PCE dry cleaning machines, dry cleaning machines are relatively old-fashioned reduce some pollutants, as oil and tetracycline are of an organic solvent, it has an impact on the environment and the human body.
The advantage is that you can wash laundry that can not wash clothes. Mainly in the dry-cleaning after the costume, it does not shrink, do not fade, no foaming, no deformation. For some protein fibers and viscose fiber clothing, shrink when washed more serious, leading to clothing washed appearance smaller. The color of clothing mostly at high temperatures, the use of some of the water-soluble dye for staining. So easy to fade when washed. The PCE is insoluble in water, clothing and dry cleaning is not easy to produce shrink, fade phenomenon. Some clothing tops, plastic lining stereotypes exist, if washed with water, since the inner gel contains some water-soluble resin, washed clothing will lead to drumming, blistering.
In summary, the clothing in the washing method of selection should be based on the type of fiber fabrics and clothing is characterized by the nature of their conditions as well as laundry, select the appropriate method of washing. Scope from washing the clothing fiber components include: cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics. For example: the case of cotton fiber tow fibers, strong adsorption capacity of the stains, but also because of the shrinkage is relatively small, you can choose washing. Down only washed not dry, if dry-cleaning, waste solvents, easy to clean, the most important reason is that if the use of oil will cause it to dry sheeting down stiff. Dry cleaning: including viscose fiber (beautiful silk), wool, silk garments, these garments if washing it easy to produce serious shrink, such as: Silk garment washed fade, and as prone to cracking leather clothing dry stiff phenomenon. PCE dry cleaning should be removed plastic material (such as buttons) on clothing.
Not only to have skilled, but also a wealth of experience, so as to ensure quality and quantity of washing clothes.