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Automatic 15 kilograms /15kg elution bake one washing machine

Washing machine: Yinai net brand brand

Model: 15KG

Product type: drum washing machine

Automation: automatic

Washing kg weight: 7kg

Washing machine price range: 10000

City characteristics: the seller door-to-door

Washing power: 300 watts or more

Time to market: 2014

Washing procedure: hand wash wash wash wash bulky wool fiber cotton wash wash wash Dan Piao advance single rejection single row Qiang Lixi Niu Zaixi silk washing towel washing and drying single washing antibacterial dishwashing drum drying standard wash Tong Zijie

Washing machine: energy efficiency grade level

Full automatic washing machine with 810152030 kg of models

15 wash, and drying integrated machine, with water heating function

(1) the only multidirectional suspension structure, can achieve the highest domestic spin speed.

(2) the computer automatic control, with automatic / manual switching device

(3) wash off. Bake one more humanized design

(4) uses the frequency conversion system, a variety of washing procedures available

(5) long post power, greatly increasing the rotation system time

(6) full stainless steel design, and beautiful, generous, high-grade

Main technical parameters

Voltage (V) 220/380

Washing capacity (KG) 15

Cleaning speed (rpm/min) 35/45/55

Dehydration rate (rpm/min) 750/1050/1250

Installed power (KW) 4.5

Machine weight (T) 0.85

Dimension 1200*1200*1600 mm


Where the company to purchase a full set of laundry equipment, the system arrangement of a free onsite installation and training services, 5000 yuan only through the network of silver / pay treasure charge deposit, other payment we logistics through the sealing and single, you receive the goods after payment of payment, our installer will accompany equipment on-site installation, according to never had a dry cleaning shop customer, my trainer will guide you special detergent knowledge, allowing you to wash more worry, more cost savings.

The company promises, all the equipment all factory direct sales, to welcome you all to come to our factory visit.The factory as manufacturers advantage, washing all the equipment all have the most perfect after sale service, manufacturers of professional technical staff for you to answer

The dry cleaning industry in the global development trend is a never backward industries, now 80 in the pursuit of brand awareness increasing, to wash clothes at home is less and less, the factors resulting in the dry cleaning industry development prospect.

The dry cleaning industry is a relatively large profits in the industry, many had not done in this industry who will ask, wash clothes cost much?How much?

Here I tell everyone a common stem washing condition:

General dry cleaning clothes, all kinds of cost, so it will not exceed 1.2 yuan, collect customer cost lowest 8 yuan, highest 40 yuan.

Washing clothes, all kinds of cost, so it is not more than 0.8 yuan, to charge customers the lowest 6 yuan, highest 30 yuan.

Can be said to be the real gain ten thousand percent.

Washing machine is used for washing clothes and equipment, more complex structure,

Comparison of ingenious design.

Washing machine has the characteristics of:

1) using the computer program control, electromechanical integration can be manual, automatic and programming.

2) stepless speed regulation, energy saving, stable operation.

3) suspension connection, small vibration, low noise.

4) stainless steel or protective steel, corrosion resistance of various chemical products.

5) using steam or electricity for heating the water, the clothes can be washed cleanly.

6) using a mechanical door lock and door control device and other protective measures, ensure the safety of usage.