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ENEJEAN towel disinfection equipment

Guangzhou ENEJEAN washing equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Is currently Guangzhou towel disinfection equipment industry the most professional equipment suppliers, is the domestic disinfection towel equipment supply level aircraft carrier enterprise.
The company mainly manages disinfection towel special washing, drying, packaging equipment for support, for the quality of disinfection towel special washing raw materials, special superfine`fabric towel as the foundation, and cooperate with peripheral consumable accessories, completely solve the Guangzhou towel disinfection equipment procurement the difficult problem, by one-stop shopping convenience fast mode by all parts of the country disinfection towel price of factory of love.
Advantage: strong market competitive advantage
Guangzhou ENEJEAN can be the best, first of all from the industry, thanks to huge disinfection towel market capacity. It is reported by the year 2011, disinfection towel has formed more than 2000 yuan of the market share, and demand has been in constant growth, is expected in 2012 will exceed 300 billion yuan RMB. The equipment supply future market space is huge!
Guangzhou ENEJEAN as the first to set foot in disinfection towel industry the most professional equipment and supporting products suppliers, has a mature professional knowledge reserve and experience, can collect timely industry feedback, pointed purchasing series of products, has completely solve at present on market the most difficult towel peculiar smell and towel stains industries problem!
On this basis, Guangzhou NENJEAN to promote the use of energy-saving equipment, purchasing disinfection towel special wash off line, dryer, flavored machine, shrink machine and sealing machine, etc. For the domestic advanced technology products, the realization of the disinfection towel special equipment --low carbon, green, environmental protection!
According to the disinfection towel market after-sales service of the poor, Guangzhou ENEJEAN to establish a sound after-sales service system. Guangzhou ENEJEAN has the  professional after sales engineer, they fight for a long time in a line, have rich experience in the market can, at any time, for the customer to escort! Advantage 2: equipment agency more channels
So far, ENEJEAN already with domestic and international numerous large washing equipment old factory establish long-term strategic cooperation partner relationship with many famous manufacturers distribution rights, the agency, is more well-known washing equipment core brand sales agent. Can say very clearly disinfection towel industry price trend, the disinfection towel industry development trend!
Guangzhou Iraqi resistance to net truly the equipment agency channel most, most equipment supply, equipment, product quality is best, equipment practicality is the strongest, the equipment price the most cheap! Facts have proved that this purchase channel advantage is significantly better than any other enterprise to ensure that the market share of over 45%. Therefore,ENEJEAN always become the industry to follow the example of expected in the second half of 2012 to 50% or more.
Three advantages: the customer distribution range
ENEJEAN as the first to enter the disinfection towel market suppliers, has always been to the good faith management as the highest standard, dedicated to providing our clients with the most competitive superfine fiber towel, disinfection towel special equipment and packaging machine, flavored machine, shrink machine, sealing machine, dozen roll machine, distribution box, reveal frame, folding table, sorting basket and disinfection towel consumable accessories, has won numerous disinfection towel trust fo factory  and praise!
ENEJEAN customers located in Chengdu, Kunming, Guangzhou and Shanghai, and other cities, in this process,ENEJEAN constantly from the customer feedback obtained, and pointed to improve their sales business model, such as the opening part of the product acceptable to sample custom business, for disinfection towel company provides equipment OEM OEM production, so as to enhance their competitive strength, further consolidate their leading position in the market.
Our company have always uphold the product quality standards, the production link high requirements of the principle, to ensure that each product are beyond the customer expectation, in the face of their own good market competitive advantage, not arrogant, does not become complacent, and insurance industry sales leading level!