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oil dry cleaning machine knowledge

Efficient environmental protection totally enclosed oil dry cleaning machine

Due to the laws and regulations of environmental protection is strict, the developed countries and developed a new generation of oil dry solvent. In the 1990 s, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other regions, began to use large amounts of new oil dry solvent. Dry cleaners belongs to the high boiling solvent oil, volatile difference, non-flammable, good safety, less air pollution, there are certain degradability, thus can reduce the pollution to the environment. Dry cleaners is oil in 160-210 ℃ still get hydrocarbon solvent, which contains hydrocarbon two elements, also called hydrocarbons, including chemical composition is mainly paraffin, cycloparafin hydrocarbon, aromatic hydrocarbon three categories. Solvent relative density 0.77, boiling point 150 ℃, kauri butanol solution value (KB) 31, flash point 40-60 ℃.

Fully enclosed oil dry is to use nitrogen to stop cleaning solvent and air mixed, i.e., washing, drying, distillation process in nitrogen charging - always under. It through the internal or external nitrogen generator to replace the air inside the machine, guarantee the oxygen content is more than 8%, this machine inside always not enough oxygen, then explosion will not happen. The concentration of oxygen by oxygen analyzer and control system to control, when the machine oxygen concentration less than 8% when the machine to start. Once start machine, analyzer immediate tracking, and the tracking information transmitted to the control system, once the oxygen concentration more than 8% will stop protection, ensure safe use. Fully enclosed dry cleaning machine is equipped with distillation box, in the distillation process, the vacuum distillation of the air suction, and in the suction air is not up to the amount of provisions before is not open source, that is: it is under the vacuum state temperature more than oil dry solvent flash point for distillation, so low boiling point, easy to evaporation, and under the vacuum state temperature more than flash point nor dangerous, once after distillation, filling the nitrogen eliminate vacuum, and make distillation box cooling, ensure the equipment safety.

Oil dry USES dry-clean level oil solvent for detergent, wash effect is good, green environmental protection free from contamination. Wash the clothes clean, bright and beautiful, high cleanliness, decontamination thoroughly without damage of clothing. After washing clothes do not fade, no shrinkage, without buckling, and can sterilization moth-proofing. Apply to washing wool, wool, silk, Down, leather and cloth, leather clothing washing, with special decontamination efficacy.

 tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine replaces Oil dry belong to the environmental protection department designated in the short term implementation updates the project, in the 21st century today, green oil dry and carbon dioxide dry cleaning machine, it is washing industry advanced equipment.

Environmental protection oil dry on the structure must adopt totally closed structure, no effluent gas and leak, At the same time also should achieve safety performance. Fully enclosed dry cleaning machine in the current international dry cleaning machine market has become mainstream, China is the development trend and direction. With the improvement of national environmental protection consciousness, and China accession to the WTO and the international community, to gradually adapt to the international environmental protection requirements, totally enclosed oil dry to its advanced science and technology, advanced manufacturing technology, excellent performance parameters, shall be in domestic dry plays a leading role in the mark