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Red Book Industry Communication(A)

Red Book Industry Communication

Communication conditions on the production of machinery and equipment for increasing impact, its products, higher and higher requirements. Currently in the machinery manufacturing industry, Profibus-site installation bus system has dominated the market. At the same time, more and more frequently between the machinery and equipment to communicate via Ethernet.

With the world the rapid development of communications technology industry, more and more machinery and equipment (including small-scale machinery and equipment) industry in the enjoyment of modern communication facilities for the convenience they bring. In the world, Profibus fieldbus have occupied the market more than the share of more than twenty million nodes. When the field bus is also just install the cable for conservation purposes, the total automation of the design of machinery and equipment has begun to try to find a new means of communication. On this basis, the concept of generating a distributed machine, it more than the production of a certain set of processing steps into a module, sensors and actuators, data processing module in the control of the conduct. At this time, the role of field bus becomes the so-called backbone network, which will link all the modules with a single machine. The distributed automation structure has many advantages: for example, it can be a complex task into several simple tasks to complete alone. Any machine manufactured in accordance with the requirements of customers, they will consider adopting this modular machine concepts. Moreover, this concept simplifies the machine for each step in the development of the machine from plans to formally put into production, because after the introduction of this concept by testing a single module can test the quality of the machine-building project, without having to the whole machine starts. All these have greatly reduced the production of machinery and equipment during the time of consumption.

In addition to Feldbus field bus systems, Ethernet is more and more applications to machine communication in the past. In addition to have the support of Siemens and Rockwell developed Profinet and Ethernet / IP, there are a number of companies issued by other systems, such as B & Rs Powerlink, times and good fortune of Ethercat Sercos Bosch III and so on. Between these systems is highly competitive, but between them the difference between efficiency and performance are relatively small. Basically all systems can meet the speed and control of high demand, they can complete the task of rapid multi-axis synchronization. All of the systems can synchronize data transfer to non-recorded, such as a video screen, the machine data or parameter values and so on.

Many market research companies agree that communication in the industrial Ethernet technology is an inevitable trend. ARC Advisory Group latest survey shows that Ethernet switches and other related facilities components market capacity in the next five years to reach nearly a billion dollars. This means that 2011 years ago, Ethernet will be an average annual rate of 29% of the total increase of 900 million development of 55 million U.S. dollars, which will be in China and other Asian countries, and automatic processing enterprises lead the wave of product market and manufacturing capacity wave of strong growth.

Today, industrial machinery and equipment needs of communications. Automation of production technology and systems we need the extensive knowledge and a wide range of communication. Therefore, we should jointly undertake the mission of development of industrial communications market in the future work together to make more meaningful contributions.