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Open a dry cleaners need what equipment and technology?


         What equipment do you need to open a dry cleaners? In general, dry cleaners should be set distribution is based on the level of its own positioning and type of shops. Many well known, the main dry cleaners is divided into small shops, medium-sized shops, large shop three types of investment, the investment cost of three large difference, dry cleaning equipment configuration also quite different.

         Ordinary dry cleaners generally only need corresponding dry cleaners, steam generators, suction ironing table, iron, washing materials, etc. ;Intermediate above dry cleaners should also purchase a dedicated disinfection cabinet, packing machine, etc. Investors should be according to their own financial conditions, dry cleaners, combined with the local consumption level, the surrounding gas supporting conditions, as well as local dry cleaning industry competition situation, choose the right equipment.

         Dry cleaners with oil dry cleaners and tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners two types, each have advantages and characteristics. In general, many medium and small wash & dry shops to choose oil dry cleaners, and tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners because strong detergency, suitable for large dry cleaners.

         So, if you are investing in small dry cleaners, dry out the small store in ENEJEAN class A standard configuration, is configured with automatic frequency oil dry cleaners, automatic dryers, automatic suction ironing machine, automatic electric generator, iron and other five kinds of dry cleaning equipment. If is a large dry cleaners, then ENEJEAN dry cleaning large stores in the standard class B, equipped with fully enclosed tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, vertical frequency elution dual-use machine, automatic frequency conversion oil dry cleaners, automatic dryer, clothes conveyor line, scouring, portrait machine, computer system of make out an invoice and other 13 kinds of dry cleaning equipment. If you have don't understand, please click on the consultation

         Above is a simple configuration, but when we choose the dry cleaning equipment, still need to attach importance to its quality. The merits of the quality or not, is directly related to dry cleaner business status. If the dry cleaning equipment quality closes nevertheless, often appear fault, clothing damage, so will inevitably claims from customer, certainly will will have a significant impact on its operations.

         ENEJEAN dry-clean in more than 20 years of development, innovation development emphasis of dry cleaning equipment, never reduced. So it is now the technology content of dry cleaning equipment is well ahead of other brands. Fully automatic tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, for example, using the best quality three cylinder double filter structure, laundry double filtering, has the very high XiJingDu, economical and practical, cost-effective excellence.